Patch Notes 10/2/2020





Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.8.68, Client Version:


Server Maintenance
2020-10-02, 13:00 Server Time



Happy 10th Anniversary Dragon Saga!



We are celebrating our 10th anniversary and we invite you to celebrate with us.
This year we have our 10th Birthday Cake and also we have a little guest.
The name of him is "Little Bob". Little Bob has something very special for you. When you talk to him he will be able to teleport you and your party members into the Dungeon of the Forgotten Past. The Dungeon will take you and your party members on a journey into the past.

The Dungeon is an Expert Mode Dungeon, it does not offer a normal mode. All Expert Mode limitations apply, but you also get the 8 end rewards.

As end reward you can get the following:


Anniversary Costume Box #1 which contains randomly one of these items:

Blue Wreath
Orange Wreath
Purple Wreath
Rubber Glove Hat Thumbs Up!
Rubber Glove Hat Hi!
Cake Balloon
Party Hat
[Event] Ultimate Hero Helmet
[Event] Ultimate Hero Bottom
[Event] Ultimate Hero Gloves
[Event] Ultimate Hero Wings
White Lord Shoulder
White Lord Bottom
White Lord Shoes


Anniversary Costume Box #2 which contains randomly one of these items:
Wreath of Light
Red Wreath
Gold Wreath
Green Wreath
Rubber Glove Hat Yay!
Birthday Balloon Dragon Saga
Cake Hat
[Event] Ultimate Hero Top
[Event] Ultimate Hero Shoulders
[Event] Ultimate Hero Shoes
White Lord Helmet
White Lord Top
White Lord Gloves


Anniversary Back Item Box which contains randomly one of these items:
Golden Anniversary Cape
Golden Anniversary Wings
Golden Anniversary Quiver
Golden Anniversary Muffler
Silver Anniversary Cape
Silver Anniversary Wings
Silver Anniversary Quiver
Silver Anniversary Muffler
Black Anniversary Cape
Black Anniversary Wings
Black Anniversary Quiver
Black Anniversary Muffler


Anniversary Chair Box which contains randomly one of these items:
Checkered Couch
Upgraded Wooden Bath Tub
Resting Cradle
Dolphin Tube
Sportscar Tube
Taxi Cube

(all of these are no MyHome Items. They are consumable items and can be used only one time)


Anniversary Accessory Box which contains randomly one of these items:
Anniversary Ring
Anniversary Necklace
Anniversary Earrings

Each of the items are giving +0.5% Enchant Success Chance and +0.5% Soulcraf Success Chance. If you equip all 3 you get another +1.5% Enchant Success Chance and Soulcraft Success Chance.

If you kill the Mini Bosses at the boss room, they will drop a Piece of Birthday Cake. That item can be traded at the Birthday Cake for a special wing. Either in Black or in White or you get yourself both. They cost 25 Pieces of Birthday Cake each.


10th Anniversary EXP
From October 5 to October 8 23:59 Server Time you will get 1.5x EXP on all channels except of channel 4.


Little Helper Balloon and Little Helper Support Pet

For our 10th Anniversary we created a Balloon and a Support Pet from the creature which is with us since the beginning. In the Item Mall you can obtain a Little Helper Ballon Box which randomly gives one of 10 differently colored Little Helper Balloons (80 IM Points each) and a Little Helper Pet Egg which yields a Little Helper Support Pet which can be randomly dyed in 1 of 5 different colors (240 IM each).




The stats are the same as for all recent IM Balloons.



General Fixes and Changes
The level requirement of the Megaphones is now Lv. 50
Bug-Fix: Fixed a bug when the Mission Map selection or Dungeon selection was cancelled



Added Chic Anniversary Outfit [Artifact] Anniversary Event Exclusive