Patch Notes 11/19/20


Maintenance Notes 

Patch Version 0.8.80, Client Version: 

Server Maintenance 

2020-11-19, 13:00 Server Time 


Me gusta! Event 

The Me gusta! Event has ended. You can still exchange leftover items at the Vending Machine for another week. 


Thanksgiving Event 2020 


Thanksgiving is near and it’s time starting to get yourself some chic clothing and prepare some food. 

Kill monsters to have a chance to get a Thanksgiving Food Box dropped.  

The monsters at the following locations have a chance to drop the box when they're slayed: 


- in all Mission Map starting from Mirinae Sanctuary (Arcade Mode and Chaos Mode) 

- in Drakos Tower and VanCliff (Regular and Expert Mode) 

- in the following Dungeons: Underground Graveyard (Lv. 30 & Lv. 35), Akia Cave, Verdurous Forest, Kundara Dungeon, Red Fox Delta, Specter's Tower (Regular and Expert Mode) 

- Dungeon of Destiny 


This year it does not not only contain food but also the chance to get a Thanksgiving Surprise Box which contains a lot useful  stuff. It can be opened by using a Tur-Key which can be optained from the the Food Box as well if you are lucky. 


Thanksgiving Food Box 

This box randomly gives you one of the following: 

4x Banana 

4x Milk 

3x Grapes 

3x Lollipop 

2x Breadroll 

2x Parfait 

2x Slice of Cake 

2x Yogurt 

3x Thanksgiving Surprise Box 

1x Tur-Key 


Thanksgiving Surprise Box 

This box randomly gives you one of the following: 

1 of 5 parts of the Chic Modern Set 

1 of 5 parts of the Traditional Outdoor Set 

1 of 5 parts of the Serious Business Set 

Mushroom Balloon 

Red Apple Balloon 

Turkey Balloon 

200x Soul 

200x Armor Enchant Dust 

200x Weapon Enchant Dust 

10x Slice of Cake 

10x Yogurt 

5x Watermelon Slice 


5x High Energy Plasma 

1x Mysterious Fragment Box 

2x Eternal Coin 

2x Tur-Key 


1x EXP Potion 1.5x (1 hr) 

1x [Event] Enchant Insurance Scroll 

1x [Event] Reinforced Enchant Insurance Scroll 

1x [Event] Soul Craft Randomizer 

1x [Event] Pet Option Randomizer 

1x [Event] Jack’s Bean 

1x [Event] Pet Dye Potion 

1x [Event] Pet Name Changer 



The Tur-Key is needed to open the Thanksgiving Surprise Boxes. It can be obtained either from the Thanksgiving Food Boxes, Thanksgiving Surprise Boxes or it can be obtained by exchanging 


5x Banana 

5x Grape 

3x Breadroll 

3x Slice of Cake 


for 1 Tur-Key at the Vending Machine. 

[Event] Evolution Set 


You can obtain the [Event] Evolution Set at the Vending Machine for exchanging 10 Tur-Key for each part. 

The event ends on December 3 at 13:00 Server Time.  


Dragon Saga Evolved  

Temple of Water – Instanced and Expert Mode 

The Temple of Water is now an instanced dungeon and is now giving reward boxes after killing the dungeon boss (Eindairon) like any other dungeon. Any party member can now get their own rewards. With this change an Expert Mode has also been added which can be accessed by characters which reached Level 30 and have completed the quest Purification of Water.  

For the Expert Mode an additional Accessory Set for Level 30 has been added: the [Best] Aqua Set consisting of [Best] Aqua Bracelet, [Best] Aqua Earrings, [Best] Aqua Ring and [Best] Water Ring. 


Magma Dungeon – Expert Mode 

We have added an Expert Mode to the Magma Dungeon which can be entered by characters which have achieved Level 45 and completed the quest Fight to death against drake. There is no key required to enter the Expert Mode Dungeon and it's boss room. We have added an additional Accessory Set for Level 45 for the Expert Mode: [Best] Lava Set consisting of [Best] Lava Belt, [Best] Lava Earrings, [Best] Lava Ring and [Best] Magma Ring. 


General Expert Mode changes 

Starting with this patch normal and upgraded monsters in Expert Mode Boss room respawn but are not giving EXP when being killed. Monsters in the dungeon itself are not respawning in the Expert Mode. 


General Change to Dungeons and Mission Maps 

The party is not getting any end rewards if  the difference between the party members is 10 or more levels (abuse prevention). Players can still help their friends getting through the dungeon/mission map to complete quests. 


General Change to Dungeons 

The particular player is not getting any end reward if the player is 10 or more levels above the dungeon entry level (abuse prevention). That does not affect Expert Mode dungeons because they're auto scaling.  


General Change to Mission Maps 

The auto scaling mission maps are now scaled based on the highest party member level instead of the player who enters the mission map (abuse prevention). 

The general dungeon changes are affecting the Galaxy Dungeons and the Element Dungeons as well. 


Quality of Life Changes 

- a new menu option Copy Name has been added to the popup menu when right clicking the player name in the chat window. 

- new menu options Open Player Market, Send Mail and Send Large Mail have been added when left clicking another player. 


Stormsnow Field: Mood 

Stormsnow Field now supports the 4 moods Day, Night, Dusk and Dawn depending on your mood setting. 

Item Mall 


Parrell's Cutie Balloon Box 

Titan Wing Box  



Burnaun's Hoggy Balloon Box (80 IM) 

Flapping Wing Box (80 IM) 




Evolution Set (Advanced) 

Piyo Raincoat 

Pompom Pink Cloak 

Pompom Blue Cloak 

Coral Red Kid Uniform 

Devil Advocate Set 

Azure Gala Set 

Servant of the Lord Set 




[Special] Evolution Set [Special] 

Semi-Formal Night Set [Special] 

Magical Girl/Boy Set [Special] 

Purple Wizard Set [Special] Human only! 

Child Maid Outfit [Special] 


Pilgim Outfit [Artifact] NEW SET! 

[Best] Evolution Set [Artifact] 

Famtasy Fox Set [Artifact] 

Fallen Angel Set [Artifact] 

Cute Blue Messenger Set [Artifact] Human only! 

Devil's Set of Agility [Artifact] 


The Evolution Sets are in for the last time this year. Grab them while you can!