Patch Notes 4/7/2021

Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.9.3, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2021-04-07, 13:00 Server Time

Easter Cherry Blossom Event
The Event continues until April 14, 13:00 Server Time.

General Fixes and Changes
- several text corrections

Item Mall
Sharp Paws Weapon Box
Wild Paws Weapon Box
Bee Wings Box
Yongha's Yonga Balloon Box

Mini Wings Box (80 IM)
Paul Burnaun's Hoggy Balloon Box (80 IM)
Light Pixel Weapon Box (80 IM)
Dark Pixel Weapon Box (80 IM)

The Snekki Support Pet has been moved to the Pet category.

Punk Rocker Popstar (male)
Skinny Look Outfit (female)
Picnic Outfit (female)
Dark Traditional Chinese Outfit (female)
Sheep Doll
Magician Outfit
Detective Outfit
Sweety Attendant Red Uniform
Hades Set (Advanced)

Captain Popstar Outfit (male) [Special]
Captain Popstar Outfit (female) [Special]
High-Priest Outfit (male) [Special]
High-Priest Outfit (female) [Special]
Assassin Cross Set [Special]

Asian Easter Bunny Costume [Artifact] (will be removed by the end of the Easter Cherry Blossom Event)
Accurate Marksman Set [Artifact]
Crazy Clown Costume [Artifact]
Lunar Set [Artifact]
Cute Blue Messenger Set (Human only) [Artifact]

Easter Cherry Blossom Screenshot Contest
Join the Facebook Cherry Blossom Screenshot Contest for a chance to win a costume! This event ends with the Easter Cherry Blossom Event on 4/14/2021!