Patch Notes 6/2/2021

Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.9.15, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2021-06-02, 13:00 Server Time

Players of the World unite... again! Event
The Players of the World unite... again! Event will end on June 6, 23:59:59 Server Time. The trade at the Pororing NPC will still be available until June 9, 13:00 Server Time.

Quest Change: Broken Magic Flute as two pieces
Because of several issues with the quest Broken Magic Flute as two pieces where lots of players miss to accept the quest of the NPC Rue appearing at the boss room of the Salvalon F5 Mission Paradise (8) we have changed the way the quest is accepted. NPC Rue has been moved to Kazeura Village near the portal to Salvalon. Rue appears after the Quest Paradise (8) is completed offering the quest Broken Magic Flute as two pieces. This way players aren't stuck anymore because they missed to accept the quest at the F5 Boss Room.

General Fixes and Changes
- Fix: Removed annoying idle sounds of Bone and Knorxos Mounts
- Fix: Fixed an issue with the Step the Beat skill showing a wrong name in the skill overview when the level to be able to skill is not reached
- Fix: Fixed a Mrs. Husky Egg icon
- Fix: Fixed the inventory icons of the Concordia Belts to be centered
- Textfixes: Fixed several community reported text mistakes
- Adjustment: Updated the [Event] Rookie Weapons (Lv. 20 starting weapons) for both Dragokin classes to match the Attack Values of Magician (Summoner) and Warrior (Twin)

Item Mall
Glacial Guardian Weapon Box
Water Guardian Weapon Box
Fire Guardian Weapon Box
Nature Guardian Weapon Box
Dark Guardian Weapon Box
Gaia Guardian Weapon Box
Evolution Weapon Box
Protector of the Universe Weapon Box
Little Helper Balloon Box
Farrell's Dragon Balloon Box
Parrell's Cutie Balloon Box
Beautiful Rose Box
Colorful Eye Patch Box
Flapping Wings Box
Mini Wings Box
Titan Wing Box Box

Adventurers Cape Box
Burnaun's Hoggy Ballon Box
Devastation Weapon Box
Annihilation Weapon Box
Midnight Calm
Midnight Scream
Spiked Wing Box

The Pony, Horse, Unicorn and Ponycorn Support Pets have been moved to the Pet category

Traditional Chinese Outfit (male)
Green Traditional Chinese Outfit (female)
Kazeura Highschool Uniform (male)
Kazeura Highschool Uniform (female)
Fashion Popstar Outfit (female)
White Marine Pink Dress (female)
White Martial Arts Suit (male)
Red Martial Arts Suit (male)

Lucifer's Set [Special]
[Best] Fantasy Priest/Pythoness Outfit [Special]
Black Cutie Attendant Uniform[Special]

Hephaistos Set [Artifact]
Accurate Marksman Set [Artifact]
Pilgrim Outfit [Artifact]