Patch Notes 07/07/2021

Dragon Saga Patch notes 0.9.20

Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.9.21, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2021-07-07, 13:00 Server Time


Backpack Event
The event continues until July 21, 13:00 Server Time.


New Item: Pet EXP Potion (IM)
Do you want to level your Support Pet/Mount faster? Then this new item is for you.
The all new Pet EXP Potion is now available at the Item Mall. It increases the amount of EXP the Pet gets from the player by 15% (which means the pet then gets 25% of the player's EXP instead only the regular 10%). Choose the one which fits for you:
If you are a casual player you might think that 30 minutes duration is enough for you. Or you are playing more frequently then the 1 hour duration is perfect. If you're a power player we have the 2 hours duration potion for you. Just go and grab it!

2x Pet EXP Potion [30 minutes]   40 IM Points
2x Pet EXP Potion [1 hour]  70 IM Points
2x Pet EXP Potion [2 hours] 120 IM Points

You want to try it out first? Go to Gato and get the Event quest from him. He gives you 4x [Event] Pet EXP Potion [15 minutes] which gives you a 5% bonus on the EXP the pet gets from the player.
The quest is only available until July 14, 13:00 Server Time and can only gotten once per character.


Chaser's Ridge: Mood
Chaser's Ridge now supports the 4 moods Day, Night, Dusk and Dawn depending on your mood setting.

Betatest: New Video Player System (Phase 1)
As you might have already heard Microsoft is dropping Internet Explorer support soon. Many of the video player systems Dragon Saga is using are based and relying on a working Internet Explorer and additionally a working Adobe Flash plugin which has already been discontinued since January 2021. Because of this many of you might already have been faced the Cannot initialize WB message instead of seeing a video cutscene. Dragon Saga is using 3 different approaches to show videos: Internt Explorer, ActiveX components and DirectShow. All three are quite outdated technologies and need a replacement. We took this opportunity to start replacing these old video technologies step by step by a modern video system based on Google's VP9/WebM technology.

As a first step we replaced the intro movie and it's player by that new technology and it has been included into this maintenance as beta test. This means that you will see the intro video every time you start the game for now to make sure that this video system is running for everyone without any issues.  You can skip the video everytime by pressing the ESC key.

If you come across any issues with the new video system (for example client crashes, missing video or audio during the movie is playing) please let us know. In the case you are not able to get into the game you can turn off the new video system by following these steps:

Open the Explorer and find the folder where your dragon saga installation is located (for the web client the default location is C:\Gravity and for steam it is the drive where your steamapps are located inside the folder Common). Then open the folder Dragon Saga (or DragonSaga) find the folder Release. Find a file named extracfg.txt. Open this file in an editor (for example by pressing the right mouse button on it and select edit from the drop down menu).


You should see the following:



Change the 1 to 0, save the file and the new video player is deactivated.

General Fixes and Changes
- Change: Phoenix Mount's Fire Cloud skill has been renamed to Heat Cloud to prevent confusion.
- Change: Knorxos Mount's Bite off skill has been renamed to Strong Bite to prevent confusion.
- Change: Adjusted the Silence Trap of the Pathfinder Class. Lv.1 – Lv.3 now only gives a Lv.1 Silence Effect, Lv.4 and Lv.5 is giving a Lv. 2 Silence Effect. This has been done to prevent that the skill can be casted continously without a break.
- Change: Adjusted [Best] Dark Soul Sets for Knight, Bandit and Infiltrator and removed useless stat.
- Textfix: Several quest text fixes.
- Textfix: Several item text fixes.
- Fix: Waltz can now be used at the Wedding Hall as well.
- Bugfix: High Energy Plasma and Mysterious Fragments can no longer be put into the account vault. The possibility was a bug and was never intended.