Patch Notes 08/25/2021

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Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.9.32, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2021-08-25, 13:00 Server Time

Unity Celebration
This event has ended.

The Event items can still be exchanged at the Vending Machine for another week.


More Unity Celebration
Collect 10 2nd Unity Event Coins and trade them at the Vending Machine for a Unity Event Gasha Box which randomly contains a part of the Unity Accessory, a part of the Unity 2.0 Accessory or an [Event] Unity Weapon Gasha Box.
You can obtain 2nd Unity Event Coins by killing Monsters inside Expert Modes, Dungeons (except of Temple of Water) and Mission Maps starting with Mirinae Sanctuary.

This event is available until September 8, 13:00 Server Time.

General Fixes and Changes

- Textfixes: Various fixes to wrong quest texts
- Skillfix: Twin's Tornado Uppercut Lv. 6-10 now correctly summons 2 tornados
- Skillfix: Summoner's Meteor Rain now hits fallen enemies as described starting with Lv. 3
- Adjustment: The 10 Level Dungeon Reward Restriction has been removed for Ork Field and Glastheim Dungeon. These now should give rewards all the time.
- Adjustment: The Paris Doll Pet now has the ability to teleport and reduce the teleport costs. Also it has been turned into a common Support Pet and can get the usual high stats but no longer Movement Speed and Attack Speed at the same time
- Fix: The Glacial Guardian Weapons cannot receive an Aura effect for technical reasons and a Costume Weapon Aura Mutator cannot be used with this weapon anymore. If you added an Aura to that weapon which is not shown and you bough the Costume Weapon Aura Mutator item with your own IM Points (not from the Market or IM Sellers) please contact the WarpPortal support team.

- Adjustment: The Ports of the Wind Farm (Windy Farm) is no longer considered a city and the open market cannot be accessed from that map anymore. This has been done to prevent the possibility of hiding multiple logged in accounts on the PoW Farm.


Item Mall
Water Guardian Weapon Box
Fire Guardian Weapon Box
Nature Guardian Weapon Box
Dark Guardian Weapon Box
Glacial Guardian Weapon Box
Gaia Guardian Weapon Box
Little Helper Ballon Box
Flapping Wing Box

Dark Pixel Weapon Box (80 IM)
Light Pixel Weapon Box (80 IM)
Adventurer's Cape Box (80 IM)
Papyrus Wing Box (80 IM)
Burnaun's Hoggy Balloon Box (80 IM)
Car Mount Gasha Box #1 – This box randomly contains one of the following Car Mounts: Yellow Cat, Wild Green, Blue Thunder, Mini Red. It does not contain blanks. (240 IM)
Red Griffon Mount Egg [High Stats] (240 IM)

Tiger-Patterned Hoodie
Eastern Hunter Outfit
Taxi-Driver Outfit (male)
Glitter Outfit (female)
Pilot Outfit
Snow Bear Costume
Space Suit
Wedding Ceremonial Dress

School or Sorcery Uniform [Special]
Sovereign Fleur Outfit [Special]
Water Guardian Set [Special]

Crazy Clown Costume [Artifact]
Pilgrim Outfit [Artifact]
Lunar Set [Artifact]