Patch Notes 11/3/2021

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Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.9.52, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2021-11-03, 13:00 Server Time

Dragon Crush Grinding Event
This event continues until November 10, 13:00 Server Time

Halloween Event 2021
This Event has ended.
Leftover event items can still be exchanged at NPC Randy for another week.

Item Mall
Dragon Wing Mount
Bat Broomstick Mount
Jacko Broom Mount
Wooden Cane Mount
Happy Reaper Support Pet
Mummy Andre Support Pet
Twitchy Skeleton Support Pet
Ivan Mount
Spiked Wings Box
Hell Wings Box
Demonic Wings Box
Yongha's Yongha Balloon Box
Evolution Weapon Box
Atlantis Weapon Box
Love Glasses Box

Legerity Weapon Box (80 IM)
Adventurer's Cape Box (80 IM)
Little Helper Balloon Box (80 IM)
Star Glasses Box (80 IM) **NEW**

Mr. Teddy Support Pet (240 IM) **NEW**


The Teddy model does not grow when it advances. It has the follwing skills when fully grown up:
Share Exp, This is Mine, Nursing, Auto Attack, Wheel Wind, Teleport, Teleport Cost Discount
Mr. Teddy is a high-stat support pet

Romantic Goth (female)
White Chic Attendant Uniform
[Best] Villain's Outfit (male)
[Best] Villain's Outfit (female)
Blue Brave Knight Outfit
Pinky Raincoat
Royal Guard's Uniform
Ultimate Hero Set (Advanced)

Assassin Cross Set [Special]
Luminant Bat of the Garden Costume [Special]
[Best] Fantasy Priest/Pythoness Outfit [Special]

[Best] Ultimate Hero Set [Artifact]
Dark Magician Set [Artifact]
Pilgrim Outfit [Artifact]