Patch Notes 2/2/2022


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.9.70, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2022-02-02, 13:00 Server Time

The event continues until February 9, 13:00 Server Time.

New ExCo Trades
We have added new items to NPC Lucius which can be traded for ExCo:

ExCo Advanced Element Box [1 ExCo]
5x Advanced Fire Element
5x Advanced Ice Element
5x Advanced Nature Element
5x Advanced Dark Element
[Event] Pet EXP Potion (x1) [1 ExCo]
ExCo Regular Element Blesses Box [2 ExCo]
5x Fire Bless
5x Ice Bless
5x Nature Bless
5x Dark Bless
[Event] Jack's Bean (x1) [2 ExCo]
[Event] Small Eternity HP Potion (x1) [2 ExCo]
[Event] Small Eternity MP Potion (x1) [2 ExCo]
ExCo Paris Gems Box [4 ExCo]
1x Gem of Curse Piece
1x Gem of Darkness Piece
1x Gem of Glory Piece
Bloody Crystal (x1) [8 ExCo]

Elemental Paris Attack Wings
We have added the Elemental Paris Attack Wings (Lv.75) to NPC Edward's Trade at Dragon Valley and Edge of the World. It has the following stats:

Critical Damage +20%
Final Critical Success Rate +2%
HLT +12
STR +7
INT +7
AGI +5
Fire/Ice/Nature/Dark Element Damage Rate +3
DEF/MDEF: 200 (scaling when enchanted/soulcrafted)
ATK/MATK: 300 (scaling when enchanted/soulcrafted)

It can be obtained by exchanging it for:
1x Deckard's Helmet
1x Elemental Paris Wings
5x Weapon Enchant Dust Cube

General Fixes and Changes
- Change: After entering a superground (Van Cliff and Drakos) monsters won't drop event drops (Silver Coins, Event Items) at the entering floor anymore. The start dropping at the next floor. Example: If you enter floor 7 the monsters at floor 7 won't drop event items. They start dropping them at floor 8. This has been done to prevent botting event items.