Patch Notes 4/28/2022

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Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.9.84, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2022-04-28, 13:00 Server Time

Time for Dessert! Mini-Grind Event
Monsters inside Dungeons (except of Temple of Water) and Mission Maps starting with Mirinae Sanctuary are dropping Cookie Ingredient Boxes which contains items to create EXP food.
This Event runs until May 11, 13:00 Server Time.

Easter Cherry Blossom Event
This Event has ended.
Event Items can still be traded for another week.

Changes: Enchant Shift, Option Expand and Soulcraft Shift
All three systems can now be used with Insurance Scroll or [Event] Insurance Scroll including the ones from Harvey instead of needing the ones produced by the production system.
Scrolls produced by using the harvested materials from the Windy Farm at the production system can not longer be traded in any way (mailed, sold at market, player traded). Scrolls which have been produced before today's maintenance can still be traded and sold. These scrolls got the tag "**OLD**" in front of their item names. When these old scrolls are used up there is no way to produce tradable ones again.

Item Mall
Easter Cherry Blossom Weapon Box
Butterfly Wings Box
Lord's Wings Box

Asian Easter Bunny Costume [Artifact] has been removed