Server Maintenance at 3:00PM PST! 12/11/2013

Be aware Dragon Saga Peeps!

At 3:00PM PST tomorrow (12/11), we will be doing a Server Maintenance for Dragon Saga.

Once again, at 3:00PM PST tomorrow! Thanks so much for your cooperation!

Item Mall
Two Holiday themed items were added to the Item Mall for a Limited Time!
One box contains...

  • W-Coin
  • Enchantment Insurance Scroll (1) or (5)
  • Reinforced Enchant Insurance Scroll (1) or (5)
  • [Unisex] [Normal] Prize Pack Balloon
  • [Unisex] [Normal] ICE Cash Balloon
  • [Unisex] [Normal] T-Shirt Balloon
  • [Unisex] [Normal] Wall Scroll Balloon
  • [Unisex] [Normal] MP3 Balloon

The other box contains...
  • Paris Wing
  • Equipment Inventory Expansion
  • Consumable Inventory Expansion
  • Misc Inventory Expansion
  • Reinforced Megaphone
  • Perfect Hunches
  • Christmas Tree[Permanent]
  • Christmas Fireplace[Permanent]
  • Soul Box
  • SoulCraft Option Expander
The following items have been taken out of the Item Mall...
  • Car Pet Gasha Box 2
  • Car Pet Gasha Box 1
  • Skill Points + 1 (5)
Expect to see more Holiday themed items next week as well!

- It's Christmas time again in Dragon Saga but Santa has been Captured by the Evil Snow Queen! Click here for all the details.
- Since we hit 21,000 Facebook Likes! This week Super Friday and Awesome Saturday & Sundays will be Boosted!

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