Patch Notes 6/8/2022


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.9.93, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2022-06-08, 11:00 Server Time

Evolution Grind Event
The Event continues until June 15, 11:00 Server Time.

Kryos Origins – EXP Event
Level Up Dragon Saga Friend. For the next two weeks you have the opportunity to enjoy an increased EXP:

Monday June 6 ~ Thursday, June 9: 2.0x
Friday, June 10 ~ Sunday, June 12: 2.4x
Monday, June 13 ~ Wednesday, June 15 11:00 Server Time: 2.0x

Kryos Origins – Enchant & Soulcraft Event
Until June 15, 11:00 Server Time the Enchant and Soulcraft Success Chances are doubled.

Kryos Origins – Mini Sale
Starting on Monday, June 6, we offer a Kryos Origins Mini Sale to help you with enchanting and soulcrafting.
Until June 15, 11:00 Server Time the following items are on sale:
Price List:
The following items are also limited to a specific amount per Account:

Insurance Scroll (10)                45 IM      (max. 20 pkgs. per acct.)
Advanced Insurance Scroll (10)       60 IM      (max. 20 pkgs. per acct.)
Reinf. Insurance Scroll (10)         55 IM      (max. 20 pkgs. per acct.)
Adv. Reinf. Insurance Scroll (10)    70 IM      (max. 20 pkgs. per acct.)
Soul Craft Randomizer (10)          170 IM      (max. 20 pkgs. per acct.)
Adv. Soul Craft Randomizer (10)     220 IM      (max. 20 pkgs. per acct.)

Kryos Origins – Point Sale
June 8 ~ June 22, 11:00 Server Time

General Fixes and Changes
- Graphics: New icon for the player location on the minimap
- Graphics: New design for the floating HP bar above monsters and players
- Graphics: Lighting reworks for Wolves' Den Lv. 15 + Lv. 20, City Hall Sewers, Temple of Water, Underground Graveyard Lv. 30 + Lv. 35, Spectres' Tower, Magma Dungeon, Akia Cave, Kundara Dungeon, Verdurous Forest
- Graphics: Ice Dungeon: Small lighting rework to mitigate eye taxation a little (including Neve's Boss Room)
- Graphics: Ice Dungeon: The size of the crystal trees on the first 2 maps have been reduced to avoid blocking of sight
- Graphics: Ice Dungeon: The brightness of the blue aura of Neve's Kryos transformation has been decreased
- Graphics: Ice Dungeon: Experimental attempts to increase FPS on the first 2 maps
- Fix: Ice Dungeon: The teleporter at the last map which shows the rocket animation does not need the entire party to be used anymore
- Fix: The Ice Dragon gloves for Destroyer and Sentinel now have the correct model
- Bugfix: The little Kryos Babies (Kryots) can no longer receive debuffs. This is intended by design.
- Fix: You can trade the Players of the World Unite event at the little helper NPC in front of the monument for another week
- Bugfix: The buff gives if the statues which can be obtained from the NPC Merchant at the PoW Farm are put on the ground will now be removed on map change.