Patch Notes 8/17/2022


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.10.3, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2022-08-17, 11:00 Server Time

Big EU Channels Launch Event

We are proud to announce that we finally launch the EU channels officially. We are hosting some events to celebrate this with our worldwide community.
These events are running until August 31, 11:00 Server Time.

Channel EXP
When playing on the EU 1 and EU 2 Channels you will get channel EXP x3.0 (+200% EXP) during the event period.

Grinding Event
Monsters inside Expert Modes, Dungeons (except of Galaxy Dungeon, Element Dungeons and Temple of Water) and Mission Maps starting with Mirinae Sanctuary are dropping EU Star Emblem items only on the EU 1 and EU 2 Channels.

The EU Star Emblem items are actually a box.  You can either open them to have a chance to get Skill Points or you can exchange them at the Vending Machine for either a pair of Europe Wings or an [Event] Euleon Mount Egg. Both cost 150 EU Star Emblem.

The [Event] Euleon Mount can be exchanged at NPC Amy for a high-stat version using the Event Pet Upgrader Item from the Item Mall.

If you are having both of the EU themed items  in your character inventory the day the event is over, you will get an Appreciation Box sent by in-game mail when the August 31 maintenance is finished.

To get the Appreciation Box you need to have the following in your character inventory (character vault and cash vault counts as well):

- Europe Wings
- [Event] Euleon Mount Egg

- Europe Wings
- [Event] Euleon Mount

- Europe Wings
- Euleon Mount Egg (connverted to High-Stat)

- Europe Wings
- Euleon Mount (connverted to High-Stat)

The Europe Wings and Euleon Mounts and Eggs cannot be sold or traded to other players.

The EU Star Emblem can contain randomly on of the following when it is opened:

- EU Star This is a blank which can be sold to an NPC shop
- [Event] Skill Point +1
- [Event] Skill Point +2

The Appreciation Box which you can get at the end of the event period contains the following:

4x [Event] Soul Craft Randomizer
10x [Event] Insurance Scroll
5x [Event] Reinforced Insurance Scroll
5x [Event] Jack's Bean
3x [Event] Friends Forever
2x [Event] Pet Option Randomizer
1x [Event] Mount Food (10 Days)
1x Player Appreciation Belt
1x Player Appreciation Bracelet
1x Dragon Saga Community Balloon 2.0 which gives an Enchant and Soulcraft Success Chance Bonus

"Catch the Popcorn"
On August 18, 10:45 – 12:00 Server Time and on August 19, 10:45 – 12:00 Server Time Popcorn will be online on the EU 1 Channel (August 18) and on the EU 2 Channel (August 19) hiding somewhere on a field map. The first who will find him will get a prize. Every 15 minutes a new round is starting, at 11:00, 11:15, 11:30, 11:45. We are giving out one prize per round. The prize for the particular round is announced before the round starts.

Daily Raffle
From August 17 until August 23  3 random players will be picked everyday and win 200 IM points. One playes from the Level 1-20, one from Level 21-50 and one from Level 50+.
Every player can only win once during the event period.

Hodgepodge Box Grind Event
This event has ended.

Element Damage dealing End-Bosses
We have added element damage to more end bosses:
- Armored Golem (Red Fox Delta) now deals 200 Nature Element and 150 Dark Element Damage
- Armored Kampaling (Red Fox Delta) now deals 300 Nature Element and 150 Dark Element Damage
- Cetirus (Red Fox Delta) now deals 300 Nature Element and 250 Dark Element Damage

General Fixes and Changes
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug that the main Twin character was able to perform skills which are intended to be performed by the Twin's Twin when right clicking the skill at the in-game Macro Skill overview.
- Change: The Weaving and Power Weaving skills of the Twin class are now sharing cooldown.
- Change: The Secmathian gear parts of the Dragokin classes are no longer sellable to NPC shops. This has been changed to behave consistently to the Secmathian gear parts of the human classes.
- Several text fixes

Item Mall
Zodiac Gold weapon box
zodiac black/silver weapon box
Lord’s Wings box
Little Helper Balloon Box
Love Glasses box
Blue Bob Car
Violet Mini
Naughty Pink
Cool Sportster

Sharp Paws Weapon Box (80 IM)
Wild Paws Weapon Box (80 IM)
Burnaun Hoggy Ballon Box (80 IM)
Papyrus Wing Box (80 IM)
Star Glasses Box (80 IM)

Berry Classic Attendant Dress
White Kendo Suit
Artemis Set (Advanced)
Panda Doll
[Best] High Elf Magic Outfit (male)
[Best] High Elf Magic Outfit (female)
Punk Rocker Popstar Outfit (male)
Dance Popstar Outfit (female)

[Best] Fantasy Priest/Pythoness Outfit [Special]
Child Maid Uniform [Special]
Singing Lion Costume [Special]

Cute Blue Messenger Set [Artifact] **Human only**
Fantasy Fox Set [Artifact]
Spiritual Shaman [Artifact]
Crazy Clown Costume [Artifact]

Europe Wings