Patch Notes 2/1/2023


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.10.34, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2023-02-01, 11:00 Server Time

Lunar New Year Event – Year of the Rabbit
This Event has ended. Event items can still be exchanged for another week.

Groundhog Mini Filler Event
Before the Valentine's Event is starting next week we celebrate the Groundhog day. Is spring already around the corner or will the winter stay a bit longer?
Kill monsters at the usual locations to get Red Horned Dragon Skulls and grab yourself a Groundhog Balloon and a Groundhog Hat (50 Silver Coins and 20 Red Horned Dragon Skulls each).
This event runs until February 8, 11:00 Server Time.

Element Damage dealing End-Bosses
We have added element damage to the last bunch of end bosses:
- Paris (Specter's Tower) now deals 150 Dark Element Damage

- Bone Frag (Graveyard 30 and 35) now deals 70 Dark Element Damage
- Katler (Graveyard 30 and 35) now deals 70 Dark Element Damage
- Ratler (Graveyard 30 and 35) now deals 35 Nature Element and 35 Dark Element Damage
- Kajimodo (Graveyard 30 and 35) now deals 100 Dark Element Damage
- Anukus (Graveyard 35) now deals 40 Fire Element and 80 Dark Element Damage

- Endairon (Temple of Water) now deals 50 Ice Element Damage

General Fixes and Changes
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug that the name of the Little Devil Pet is shown below the pet instead of being shown above the pet.
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug that the Red Cutie Attendant Uniform wasn't able to be soulcrafted/enchanted.