Patch Notes 03/01/2023


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.10.39, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2023-03-01, 11:00 Server Time

Backpack Event
This event continues until March 8, 11:00 Server Time.

Ancestor System – Part 2
In the year 2017 we introduced Part 1 of the Ancestor System. Now we are proud that we finally implemented Part 2 of the system.

What's New

    At NPC Lucius you are now able to get 2* Ancestory Accessory Items for 2 ExCo each. These can be equipped on Lv. 85 characters. It is required to have the same 1* Ancestory Accessory Item equipped before you can equip the 2* one. The 1* Items is then replaced by the 2* Item giving you higher stats than the 1*. The 2* Ancestor Accessory Items can only be equipped on Level 85 characters.

What has changed?
    The 1* Ancestor Accessory items stop working (stop giving additional stats) as soon as your character becomes Lv. 85 and the text with the level requirement now turns red. If you want additional stats from Ancestor Items on a Lv. 85 character you need to farm 2* Items and replace the 1* ones. 1* Ancestor Accessory Items are only giving additional stats to characters Lv. 20~84.

NPC Lucius ExCo Exchange Update
At NPC Lucius you can now get the 2* Ancestor Accessory Items for 2 ExCo each and the [Regular] Prime Pixel (PATK) and [Regular] Prime Pixel (MATK)for 3 ExCo each.

General Fixes and Changes

  • Update: The production system quests Logging, Mining, Mowing and Fishing have been changed from Hero Quest to Adventurer Quest type. Also they now disappear when the character reaches Level 31.
  • Update:The quests Holy Armor – Gloves and Holy Armor now disappear when the character reaches Level 41