Patch Notes 11/16/2023 - I Like! Event


Maintenance Notes

Patch Version 0.10.94, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2023-11-16, 11:00 Server Time

Halloween Event 2023
This Event has ended. You can still exchange event items for another week at NPC Randy.

I Like! Event
While we are waiting for Thanksgiving and Black Friday we have the opportunity to get ourselves I Like! Accessories. Monsters inside Expert Modes, Dungeons (except of Galaxy Dungeon, Element Dungeons and Temple of Water) and Mission Maps starting with Mirinae Sanctuary are dropping "I like!" Items.You can collect them and trade them at the Vending Machine for a part of the I Like!Accessory Set.
This Event runs until November 30, 11:00 Server Time.

Item Mall
Featured Items
Water Guardian Weapon Box – 80 IM

Fire Guardian Weapon Box – 80 IM

Nature Guardian Weapon Box – 80 IM

Dark Guardian Weapon Box – 80 IM

Gaia Guardian Weapon Box – 80 IM

Glacial Guardian Weapon Box – 80 IM

Mysterious Party Mask Box – 80 IM

Titan Wing Box – 80 IM

Parrell's Cutie Balloon Box – 80 IM

Change: Costumes for Dragokin Classes
Costumes for Dragokin classes are no longer available in the BigWheel and MixBoard.

Gray Set of Unity

Set of Unity

Coral Red Kid Uniform

Red Sweety Attendant Uniform

Eskimo Parka Outfit

Pompom Pink Cloak

[Best] Villain''s Outfit (male)

[Best] Villain''s Outfit (female)


Legendary Magician Outfit [Special]

Grey Dotted Blazer [Special]

Heartless Sword Bear [Special]

[Best] Black Set of Unity [Artifact]

[Best] Set of Unity [Artifact]

Unholy Crusader Armor [Artifact]