Patch Notes 04/04/24 - Cherry Blossoms Falling


Maintenance Notes

Patch Version 0.11.22, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2024-04-04, 11:00 Server Time

Easter Cherry Blossom Event
The Event lasts until April 18, 11:00 Server Time.

Cherry Blossoms Falling
During the Easter Cherry Blossom Event Period you can see Cherry Blossoms falling. When you see them means you get a random EXP Bonus for a limited time. Good luck!

Compensation: Login Event
on April 7 (Server Time) you get 1 Chaos Energy Dust (not sellable) for being logged for 10 minutes. This has been added to compensate the missing Chaos Energy Dust from the Login Event on Easter Sunday.

General Fixes and Changes

- Change:NPC Edward does no longer offer the exchange of the mission map gear sets for the Dragokin classes

- Change:Galaxy Dungeons do no longer give Dragokin class items as rewards. Instead every Galaxy Dungeon has a chance to give random Rainbow Money Packs as rewards

- Change:NPC Edward at the entrance to Specter's Tower does no longer offer the exchange for a Dragokin class Dark Soul weapon

- Change:Dragokin class items can no longer be obtained from Hunter Capsules

- Change:The new rewards which can be obtained in Mission Maps and Dungeons have been adjusted a bit. Now the following items can be randomly obtained:

Characters Level 20-39:
10x Weapon Enchant Dust
10x Armor Enchant Dust
10x Soul

Characters Level 40-59:
20x Weapon Enchant Dust
20x Armor Enchant Dust
20x Soul

Characters Level 60-79:
30x Weapon Enchant Dust
30x Armor Enchant Dust
30x Soul

Characters Level 80+:
40x Weapon Enchant Dust
40x Armor Enchant Dust
40x Soul

All Character Level 20+:
2x Silver Coin
2x Eternal Coin
1x Gold Pouch (3 gold)
1x Gold Pouch (5 gold)
2x Cake
2x Joghurt
1x Fire Element (unsellable)
1x Ice Element (unsellable)
1x Nature Element (unsellable)
1x Dark Element (unsellable)
1x Fire Bless (unsellable)
1x Ice Bless (unsellable)
1x Nature Bless (unsellable)
1x Dark Bless (unsellable)

Item Mall
Easter Cherry Blossom Event Items (until April 18, 11:00 Server Time)
Bunbun Backpack Box – 80 IM
Easter Cherry Blossom Weapon Box – 80 IM

Featured Items (until April 18, 11:00 Server Time)
Evolution Weapon Box – 80 IM
Titan Wings Box – 80 IM

YongYong Balloon Box – 80 IM
Star Glasses Box – 80 IM

Sprayer Apprentice Outfit

Dionysus Set (Advanced)

Evolution Set

Hephaistos Set (Advanced)

Vintage Tiger-Patterned Hoodie

Pinky Raincoat

Azure Gala Outfit

Arcadia Highschool Uniform

Junior Sprayer Outfit [Special]

[Special] Evolution Set [Special]

Paris Follower''s Outfit [Special]

Senior Sprayer Outfit [Artifact]

Dionysus Set (Artifact) [Artifact]

[Best] Evolution Set [Artifact]

Asian Easter Bunny Costume [Artifact]