Patch Notes 03/15/2017



Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.5.54, Game Version:


Server Maintenance
2017-03-15, 15:00 Server Time
Note: Patch notes are subject to change.






St. Patrick's Day Event
March, 17th is St. Patrick's Day – and like every year we will celebrate this day with an event. This year you don't only get the usual St. Patrick's Day Hat and the St. Patrick's Day Balloon you can also get a whole green Leprechaun Costume consisting of Hat, Jacket, Pants, bare Hands, Shoes and the Pot  of Gold (Backpack). The Pot of Gold give very special stats: Teleport cost discount: 15% (overridden if the pet skill is available) and Repair cost reduction: 10% (this stat does not "stack"). The costume has the common event costume stats. The whole costume is tradable/sellable but soulbound upon equip.



You can get a random part of the costume or a part of the Leprechaun Accessory Set (Ring, Necklace, Earrings) by trading 10 Gold Coins from the world drop at the Vending Machine for the Leprechaun's Box. Every part of the accessory set gives +0.5% Enchant Success Rate and +0.5% Soulcraft Success Rate. If worn as a set you will get additional +1.5% Enchant Success Rate and +1.5% Soulcraft Success rate which finally gives you +3.0% Enchant and Soulcraft Success Rate if worn as a set.

The Leprechaun's Box is fully restricted including Account Vault.


Additionally you can get the following items directly from the Vending Machine as a trade:

St. Patrick's Day Hat (5 Silver Coins) not sellable/tradable
St. Patrick's Day Balloon (5 Silver Coins) not sellable/tradable
Trefoil Balloon (5 Silver Coins)
Good Luck! Balloon (30 Silver Coins)
Good Luck Ring (75 Gada Coins, 25 Silver Coins) This item is fully restricted including Account Vault!


The event will be running until March, 22nd 15:00 Server Time


BigWheel / MixBoard
The current MB/BW will be staying for an extra week! New items will be traded out with next weeks maintenance.