Patch Notes 05/10/2017



Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.5.67, Game Version:


Server Maintenance
2017-05-10, 15:00 Server Time
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Waifu Wars! 

The ultimate battle between Dragon Saga's most beautiful ladies has arrived! Waifu Wars is a battle to see who you, the Dragon Saga community, believe should be named the greatest Waifu in Dragon Saga! These eight Dragon Saga ladies are fighting to win the title of the most favorite Waifu:
Ademia, Amy, Crete, Jodie, Tatanka, Sofia, Mimi and Telling

More information about the event can be found here:

Increased Soulcraft/Enchant Success Rate
Soulcraft and Enchant Success rates x 1.5.
The increased rates are available until May, 17th.

Heirloom Item Event
Monsters are dropping Strange Looking Smiley Posters. You can trade the posters at the Vending Machine for boxes containing different Heirloom Items.
The event is running until May, 24th.

Item Mall
Water, Fire and Nature Guardian Weapon Gasha Boxes can be bought from the Item Mall for 100 IM Points for a limited time.