Patch Notes 10/18/2017


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.6.11, Game Version:
Server Maintenance
2017-10-18, 12:00 Server Time
Note: Patch notes are subject to change.


Halloween 2017 Event
The spooky time is here. At the center of Port of the Winds Randy awaits you to give you some Halloween Quests.  


A whole new event costume is available to obtain. The Grim Reaper Set.



Also you will be able to obtain the little ghost costume by playing the daily mission quest. Along with that you can get all kinds of useful and not useful stuff like Halloween Accessories, Balloons and more. The Event will stay for 4 weeks (until November, 15th)

Also the Halloween Races should be available too during the Event period


From the Halloween Maps you can obtains as mission rewards:


• Small Soul Box

• Armor Dust Box

• Weapon Dust Box

• Tiny HP Eternity Potion

• Tiny MP Eternity Potion

• Double Up EXP Potion (2.0x EXP for 10 mins)

• Halloween Coin Green (Arcade Mode)

• Halloween Coin Red (Chaos Mode)

• Halloween Weapon Box

• Pumpkin Weapon Box

• Money Bag

• Halloween Hair and Faces Boxes

• Beauty Gasha Box (New Hair Colors & Faces)

To enter the Chaos Mode (F2) you need a [New] Torn Invitation.

They are dropped from every "Spirit" monster in the Event Maps.


Halloween Coins

All coins are tradable at NPC Randy.

• Green Coins (F1): 3 Coins for 1 Halloween Gasha Box [Arcade] (Humans or Dragokins)

• Red Coins (F2): 3 Coins for 1 Halloween Gasha Box [Chaos] (Humans or Dragokins)

• Blue Coins (F5): 2 Coins for 1 Little Ghost Costume Box

The Grim Reaper Set can be obtained by exchanging 3 Red Coins and 3 Green Coins for one part you can select on your own.


Contents of the Halloween Gasha Box [Arcade]:

[Event] Cat Mask (White)

[Event] Cat Mask (Brown)

[Event] Devil's Horn

[Event] Orange Wizard Hat

[Event] Mustache Nose

[Event] Ghost Sweeper

[Event] Pumpkin Backpack

[Event] Jack's Magical Broom

[Event] Chinese Ghost

[Event] White Werewolf Ears

[Event] White Werewolf Paws

[Event] Gray Werewolf Ears

[Event] Brown Werewolf Paws

[Event] Brown Werewolf Feet

Dark Bat Balloon

Purple Bat Balloon


Contents of the Halloween Gasha Box [Chaos]:

[Event] Cat Mask (Gray)

[Event] Black Wizard Hat

[Event] Spider Wing

[Event] Coffin of Rest

[Event] Jack O'Lantern Balloon

[Event] Lady Ghost

[Event] Skull of Devildom

[Event] Little Gentlement Ghost

[Event] Little Lady Ghost

[Event] White Werewolf Feet

[Event] Gray Werewolf Paws

[Event] Gray Werewolf Feet

[Event] Brown Werewolf Ears

Red Bat Balloon

Purple Bat Balloon

Halloween Pumpkin Hat (Human only)


Contents of the Big IM Consumables Box:

This box contains many different IM Consumables ranging from low to high value.



Item Mall

Following Halloween Mounts have been added to the Item Mall for 300 IM Points each:
- Wooden Cane
- Bat Broomstick
- Dragon Wing
- Jacko Broom

Also special Versions of the Dragon Rangers have been added to MixBoard
The first two special versions are green are white.

These will stay for 2 weeks:


For the next MixBoard item rotation the other 2 special versions will replace the first ones:


The artifact version of the Dragon Rangers costume will stay in Mixboard for the first 2 weeks of the Halloween Event:




·         a bug has been fixed  where the pet is not displayed in the pet slot when looking at the character overview of another character

·         a bug has been fixed where F5 Missions of mission maps where not longer able to be started by pressing F5



Everything will be removed except for the Ultimate Hero Set

Vegabond Costume
Skeleton Man Set
Pumpkin Sorcerer Costume
Death Cheater  Costume


Everything will be removed except for the [Best] Ultimate Hero Set

Jack'o'Lantern Set (Advanced) [Advanced Tab]
Frankenstein Set [Advanced Tab]

Sly Little Wizard Set [Special Tab]
Dracula Costume [Special Tab]
Green Dragon Ranger [Special Tab] *NEW!*
White Dragon Ranger [Special Tab] *NEW!*

Ragged Ghost Set [Deluxe Tab]
Ghost Busters Set [Deluxe Tab]
Super Dragon Rangere [Deluxe Tab]