Patch Notes 1/24/2018


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.6.32, Game Version:
Server Maintenance
2018-1-24, 12:00 Server Time
Note: Patch notes are subject to change.




Parchment Wing Box Mini Drop Event
A parchment Wing Box Mini Drop Event will end.
The trade at the Vending Machine is available for another week.


Heirloom Bone Items Mini Drop Event
We will add a Heirloom Bone Mini Drop Event. 
Kill monsters and collect Orange Coins. Orange Coins can be traded at the Vending Machine either to a Heirloom Bone Set Gasha Box which randomly contains a part of the Heirloom Bone Sets (25 Orange Coins) or to a Heirloom Bone Weapon Gasha Box which randomly contains a Heirloom Bone Weapon (50 Orange Coins). This event runs until February, 7th.




Emporia War Changes

"Pure Silence" Status Effect added after island selection
After selecting the target island (either because of being revived or by using the TAB key) a 3 second Pure Silence status effect has been added to the player. While this effect is running (visible by a yellow sphere around the player) the player cannot take any damage but also can't attack (this applies to the twin of the Twin Fighter and for the summons of the Summoner as well) and is not able to use any skill or item.

 Pure Silence Aura

General Updates
- an exploit has been fixed which allowed a Summoner to keep the Energy Circulation buff for an unlimited time without the need to have active summons

- added some monster-only visible walls to Libra to prevent monsters from entering the main part of the city and killing AFK players




Everything will be removed 



Shiny Funk Look Set
Red Dance Casual Set (male)
Luxurious Winter Relief Set (male)
Blue Pretty Girl Set (female)
Magician Costume
Cutie Attedant (Red) Set


Everything will be removed except for the Yule Costume [Deluxe Tab]

White Dino Egg [Advanced Tab]
Brown Dino Egg [Advanced Tab]
Pink Dino Egg [Advanced Tab]
Blue Dino Egg [Advanced Tab]

Japanese Kimono Outfit [Special Tab]
Fantasy Priest/Pythoness Costume [Special Tab]
Legendary Magician Costume [Special Tab]

Poseidon Set (Artifact) [Deluxe Tab]
Ragged Ghost Costume (Artifact) [Deluxe Tab]