New Origins Expansion: Improved Mission Mode

Additions of improved Arcade Mode, new Chaos Mode, and bonus maps, bring entirely new experiences to Mission Maps.

New Origins Expansion: Story / New Races and New Classes

As the old enemy Elga is awakened by Paris, the wise and advanced race Dragonkins, join to lend a hand with their new classes, Shaman and Twin Fighter.

Professions Update: Crafting System and Level Cap Increase

Killing monsters isn’t enough for you? Take up a new profession to strengthen your gear and obtain cool items for your MyHome!

Verdurous Forest: Mission Map, Van Cliff Dungeon Reward Upgrade, and New Monsters

The Myst Elves have encountered an old nemesis. Mutisha is back and has used his powers to take control of the Forest Purifier, Ryvius. Help bring peace back to the Verderous Forest by battling Mutisha once again. New armors are available for level 45 at Verderous Forest as well as level 60 at Van Cliff Dungeon.

Kryos Unleashed: Tactical Defense Mode(F7), Guild Improvements, and Misc. Features

Are you a fan of tower defense? The new Tactical Defense Mode (F7) will test your smarts and skills as you attempt to take on waves of monsters for 50 stages.