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Users whom are very close with one another and have formed a special relationship may be permitted to use the Couple System. These users who become Couples will have a heart icon displayed next to their name. They will also gain access to special skills and bonus items.

Couple System: Skills and Items

To access the newly acquired skills and items, select the Community Menu to open the Community Window. This window may also be accessed by pressing the hotkey "Y" on the keyboard.

Skills and Item Descriptions

Currently there is one skill for Couples. This skill is called, 'With the Power of Love'. It increases the attack speed of the couple. The skill may be used by either member of the Couple and will result in the effect being applied to both members.

The item, 'Love Scroll', will teleport you directly to your partner's location.

How to Form a Couple

Begin by opening the Community Window by pressing the hotkey "Y".

Select the third tab from the upper left of the window. This tab should be the "Couple" tab, and then click "Search" to search for a partner.

Review the list and select the person that you wish to form a couple.

Now, select the player you want to be coupled with and an invitation will be sent to the player you've chosen. Only players of the opposite sex may become couples

If you feel that the relationship isn't working out, you can leave at any type by pressing the 'Leave Couple' button in the menu.

NOTE: You must leave a Couple before joining with another user to become a new Couple.

Guild Skills

  1. Search Icon: This will help you search for a perfect match.
  2. Connection Info: This displays your partner's connection status.
  3. Location Info: This allows you to view your partner's location.
  4. Couple skill/item: This displays the skills and/or items available to the couple.
  5. Leave Couple: Pressing this icon will leave your current couple and make the character single again.
  6. Add: By entering a name, an invitation request will be sent to the user.
  7. Couple Emotion: Special emotes that can be used while in a relationship