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Enchanting increases an item's base stats. When an item has been successfully enchanted, the item's name will change. For example, a Bronze Sword that has been successfully enchanted once from its base state will be displayed at Bronze Sword+1. An item can be enchanted up to a maximum of 15 times, but is limited on its weapon level. The higher level of Enchantment attempted, the harder it will be to succeed.

How to Enchant

In order to Enchant an item, Enchantment Powder is required for the type of item you wish to Enchant. There are two types of Enchantment Powder:

  1. Weapon Enchantment Dust
  2. Armor Enchantment Dust

These items can be obtained from a variety of different methods such as defeating monsters and completing quests.

Benefits of Enchanting

When an item is Enchanted, the base stats are given a bonus which makes the item stronger with each level of Enchantment! The stats that are increased are based on the item type. Weapons give bonuses to Magical and Physical Attack. Armors increase Magical and Physical Defense. The higher Enchant level on the item, the higher the bonuses will be.

More information about the Enchant System can be found in the Journal (J Key) and selecting 'Item' then 'Enchant System'. Locating a Blacksmith Enchanting an item not only requires the Enchantment Powders and the item, but a Blacksmith is also needed to complete the Enchantment. In most towns, a Blacksmith is usually around to lend you their services.

To find a Blacksmith quickly, open the Mini-Map (N Key) and hover over each symbol until you find a Blacksmith.

Once you've located the Blacksmith, left click on the Blacksmith or press the spacebar and then select the 'Enchant' option.

On the Enchant screen, choose the item of choice from the Equipment inventory and drag the item to box labeled 'Target Item'. If you have the appropriate amount of Enchantment Powder for the item being Enchanted, the box for the powder will be illuminated indicating the requirement has been fulfilled. You can also add Enchantment Insurance Scrolls to protect the item from breaking and Enchantment Runes to increase your chances of succeeding.

Once you are satisfied with the item and components for the Enchantment, click the 'Enchant' button to begin the process. If the enchantment was successful, the item will display the new Enchant Level in the item's name as well as the bonus stats in its description. However, if the Enchantment was unsuccessful, the item will either retain its current stats or become destroyed. Whether a success or failure, Enchantment Powders and any other components used will be consumed.