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The Friends List system creates a network between you and players that you meet. By adding friends to your list, special bonuses may be given for Partying with players on the list.

Friend List Interface

  1. Invite : Invite a friend to your party
  2. Add Buddy : Player can add friend by input friend name into buddy list
  3. Add Group : Player can create additional group.
  4. Chat : Chat directly with a friend
  5. Block : Block a buddy's 1:1 chat, Buddy chat, or whisper
  6. Friend Point Gauge : Shows many Friend Points you have earned up to this point
  7. Connection Status : A Player can change their connection status
  8. Search: A Player can see the list of other players who are connected.

Friend Points

Friend Points are an extra way to earn EXP and can be redeemed at any time in certain villages throughout Dragon Saga. You earn Friend Points by defeating monsters while in a Party with players on your Friends List.

Friend Point Redemption

You can exchange your Friend Points for EXP at special NPC's. There are special NPCs in Dragon Saga that will exchange your Friend Points for EXP. A small fee may be charged for redeeming the Friend Points at the NPCs. The following is a list of the NPCs that will exchange your Friend Points for EXP:

  • Odellia : Hermit Alvin
  • Port of the Winds : Sage Jeremy, Alchemist Pablo
  • Fungoid Village : Chief Massirun