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Guilds Overview

Throughout your adventures, you'll find you might be in for a tough fight-call in your allies! In Dragon Saga, you can create or join guilds to share your adventures with other players. Guilds are beneficial for players wishing to seek help from seasoned players through equipment and knowledge.

Guilds also allow one to participate in Guild vs. Guild Tournaments, earn Guild Experience, access Guild Questions and more.

Creating a Guild

In order to create a guild, one must be at least level 10 and have 20 gold for the registration requirements. Once having acquired this, travel to the near town and speak with Donny the Guild Master.

Proceed and click on the "I wish to create a Guild" option. You will be prompted and checked for the pre-requisites for establishing a guild. Once this information has been verified, you will then proceed to the emblem customization section.

You may select the guild emblem that suits you best; however, choose wisely! Once chosen, the icon cannot be changed and will appear on all players affiliated with your guild.

Now, choose your guild name! Remember... this can't be changed and make sure the name is appropriate!

Congratulations! You can now appoint members of your guild in leadership roles to help you manage or help with recruitment. Another thing one might notes is that Guild Leaders and Assistant Guild Leaders are the only ones that may invite players into the guild.

Joining a Guild

To join a guild, simply asank if y nearby Guilds are recruiting. Playing in a Guild means being a considerate player on the battlefield, and being willing to help other Guild members you may encounter. Any level player can be invited to join a Guild.

Any level player may join a guild. Players may want to ask players that are guilded of what their guild's recruitment processes are.

Once you've received an invitation to join a guild, accept the invitation and you'll be included to that guild's ranks.

Guild Quests & Guild EXP

Being a member of a guild, you make take on Guild Quests given by Donny the Guild Master. These quests are used to increase your guild's EXP. You may also want to note that your character must be at least level 20 or higher to take on these quests.

Earning guild EXP increase the level of your guild and is also used as a wager for Emporia War tournaments.

Guild Levels

Guild level up just like characters would in-game. You may level up your guild by completing the tasks given by Donny's Daily Tasks. Completion of these tasks yields Guild Experience (EXP). Once these guild experience meter has been filled, your guild is ready to level up. You may view the amount of experience obtained by accessing the Community Window with the "Y" key.

There are up to 5 different guild levels. Higher level guilds offer more slots for membership to include more players in their roster. High-Level guilds may also participate in higher grade Emporia Wars.

Guild Level Maximum number of members Emporia Grade
1 50 5
2 70 4-5
3 90 3-4
4 110 2-3

Guild Skills

Once a guild is of high enough level, the guild leader may purchase guild skills with gold from Donny.