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Basic Information

Some players find companions with other users, however, some can also find companions with pets! There are several pets that can be found in the world of Dragon Saga. Pets may join you on your long adventure through good times and bad. They may assist you in combat and will require special care. Certain pets in-game may be obtained through questing. The Pet merchants can be found in some villages and towns and will provide the quests to obtain the pets. Pets may also be purchased through the Item Mall. Some pets will be sold on a seasonal basis. Please be alert to any updates on the website or community forums. Pet items and accessories may be purchased as well. Food is a basic requirement for pets. Pet food can be stored into a pet's inventory. Pets may also assist you by providing stat bonuses. Different pets may give different bonuses. There are also pet accessories that may be obtained to increase the strength of a pet.

Pet Types

The world of Dragon Saga currently has six known pet types, which are:

  • Husky
  • Felix
  • Griffon
  • Maple
  • Greenie
  • Pinecone

New pets are always being discovered in the world of Dragon Saga, so keep an eye out! Purchasing Pets from the Dragon Saga Item Mall

In the Dragon Saga Shop, under the 'Exclusive' tab and then under the 'Pets' sub-tab, Pets and Pet foods can be found. Try not to forget that there are seasonal pets, so come check it out every so often.

Pet Questing

The pet quest may only be obtained at the starting level of 20. Pet Merchant Amy will have you complete the following quests:

  • Quest 1: "Collect Pet Clothing Material"
  • Quest 2: "Delicious Raccoon Kebab"
  • Quest 3: "Curing the Cold!"
  • Quest 4: "Wild Safari" becomes available after completing "Curing the Cold!"
  • Quest 5: "Special Event for VIP of the Pet Store" unlocks after all the above are completed.
  • Quest 6: "Get Pet Hatchling Egg" will finally be unlocked after completing all other quests.

One of the pet eggs stated above, the Felix, Husky, or Griffon egg will be rewarded upon the quest completion.

Pet Stats

Besides being cool companions, pets may also give Stat bonuses.

The Pet Stats can be viewed on the Character Info screen. Different pets give different bonuses. The Husky in the picture gives a Strength +2 bonus. There are plenty of pets available to help find the bonus that best suits you.

Feeding Your Pet

During your journeys, your pet will get hungry. If the pet is not fed, it will not be able to live long.

In order to feed your pet, you will need to right clicking on it in your Character Info window. Next, right click and select your pet food. Then choose the pet you wish to feed and right click, hold, and drag the pet into the feeding window. Select the 'Use' option to feed your pet. Congrats, your pet has now been fed!

There are three types of pet food available for purchase:

  1. 1 day food
  2. 10 day food
  3. 30 day food