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Soulcrafting imbues the item with Soul Force that increases the grade of the item. Each grade increases the strength and value of the item. There are five possible grades for items:

  • Regular
  • Advanced
  • Special
  • Artifact
  • Legendary

When items are found from defeating monsters or completing quests, the items are normally categorized in one of these five grades. The advantage of Soulcrafting is that you can elevate an item of your choice, immediately, so long as you have the proper materials for the Soulcraft.

How to Soulcraft

Soulcrafting is done by taking Souls and imbuing them into the item in the form of Soul Force. Souls can be obtained by breaking down items that contain Soul Force. When enough Souls have been collected, seek the local Soulsmith and upgrade the item of choice!

In order to Soulcraft an item, you'll need Soul Force, or commonly referred to as "Soul". You can obtain Soul by breaking down items that contain Soul Force. This can be done by using a Soul Force Hammer.

Benefits of Soulcrafting

Each item will have a specific grade to the item. This grade influences the amount of bonuses the item gives to the character. The higher the initial grade of an item, the more stat bonuses will be given upon a successful Soulcraft.

More information about an item's grade can be found in the Journal (J Key) and select 'item' then 'Item Grade'.

Obtaining Souls

Souls can be obtained by breaking down an item. Once broken down the Soul Force of the item will be released as Souls, which then can be used again to Soulcraft and upgrade another item.

In order to break down an item, use the Soul Force hammer found in the lower left hand corner in the item's respective inventory. Just click the hammer and choose the item that you wish to break down!

Locating a Soulsmith

When you have enough Soul Force collected and an item to Soulcraft, you will need a Soulsmith to imbue the item with Souls.

Soulsmiths can be found in towns and they can be easily located by opening the Mini-Map (N Key) and hover each symbol until you find a Soulsmith.

Once a Soulsmith has been located, left-click on the Soulsmith or press spacebar to activate the menus. Next, select the 'Soulcraft' option and then the 'Add Soul Force' Option.

At the Soulcraft Screen, choose the item of choice from the Equipment inventory and drag the item to the box in the center. If you have the appropriate amount of Souls for the Soulcraft, the box for the Souls will be illuminated, indicating the requirement for that item has been fulfilled. You can also use Enchantment Insurance scrolls to protect the item from breaking and Enchantment Runes to increase your chances of succeeding. Regardless of a success or failure, Souls will be consumed with each Soulcraft attempt.

Sealed Items

When adventuring, there will be times where you will find items that have sealed with magic. With their abilities sealed, the full capabilities of these items will not be apparent until the seal has been removed. To remove these seals, a Seal Removal Scroll is needed.

Sealed items can be easily identified by looking at the name of the item. The item will indicate that it's 'Sealed' and the item name will be in a different color.

Seal Removal Scrolls can be obtained by finding the nearest Soulsmith and left-click on the Soulsmith or press spacebar to activate the menus. Next, select the 'Exchange Scroll' option.

A menu will appear that will allow you to create Seal Removal Scrolls by using Souls. Set the amount of scrolls to be made and click on the 'Trade' option to complete the exchange!

How to use Seal Removal Scrolls

Once Seal Removal Scrolls have been created, they can be used to release the seals placed on items.

To use the Seal Removal Scroll, simply open the inventory. In the Consumables Tab, Right-Click the Seal Removal Scroll and select the Sealed Item to be unsealed. Confirm the selection and the item will be unsealed!

Cursed Items

From time to time, after removal of the seal, the item that is unsealed may be cursed. When an item is cursed, the item is unusable until the curse has been removed.

Cursed items can be identified by looking at the name of the item. The item will indicate that it's 'Cursed' and the item name will be in a different color.

Removing a Curse

In order to remove a curse on an item, find the nearest Soulsmith and select the 'Soulcraft' option. Next, select the 'Remove Curse' option.

This will bring up the Curse Removal menu. Select the item to remove the curse from and place it into the center of the menu.

The amount of souls needed to remove the curse is dependent on the item itself. Therefore, some items may require more Souls in order to remove the curse. Once the requirement of Souls has been fulfilled, confirm the Curse Removal.

Before the Curse Removal is completed, a final confirmation warns about the risk of removing the curse. Just like in Soulcrafting, failure in removing the curse will result in the item being destroyed. Regardless of the result, the Souls used in the Curse Removal will be consumed.