Summer Watermelon Event (7/31 - 9/4)

Summer is here and we love delicious watermelons! From July 31 to September 4, a giant watermelon can be spotted at Jigsaw Pincers Coast, Steven Trading Port, Kalygon Fleet, Silky Wave Coast and Port of Winds Farm. You will notice a server announcement when the giant watermelon is spawned. So find them and defeat them for awesome rewards!

When you find the giant watermelon at its location, don’t hesitate to break them to fight small watermelon pieces for awesome drops: Giant Sunflower Hairpin, Weapon Enchant Dust (x10), Armor Enchant Dust (x10), Seal Remover, Breadroll, Lv. 4 Advanced Rations, Lv. 5 Intermediate Emergency Rations, and Lv. 5 Advance Emergency Rations!

Have a fun and happy summer!