We appreciate you!


Player Appreciation!
August 9th - September 15th

During the July 3rd-July 11th, a few of you guys experienced some trouble with playing Dragon Saga. We can’t apologize enough for the troubles you experienced, that is why we want you guys to come back and try again! We will giving out a myriad of free items to you in-game for just coming back. Provided in your email in a coupon that you can use in-game to get those items, just speak to Gato (Big Green Cat) in Port of Winds!

You will get…
  • x5 Enchant Insurance Scroll
  • x5 Regular Enchant Runestone
  • x2 Soul Craft Randomizer

Want even more updates on Galaxia, the new dungeon coming out this summer? Check out our Official Dragon Saga Facebook for all the details! You can also check it out for constant updates on our servers as well.