Patch Notes 7/3/2018


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.6.65, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2018-07-3, 15:00 Server Time

Arcadia Episode 3 – Destiny Unknown

Whats New
Welcome to Arcadia Episode 3 – Destiny Unknown.

Explore New Areas
One new Field Map, a new Mission Map and a whole new Dungeon is awaiting your power. Prepare for a challenge you never had before. Fight against the evil to finally bring peace to Arcadia and the lands of Dragon Saga!

6 New Skills
6 New Skills can be obtained by playing the new Arcadia Episode 3 questline. And make sure that you will get them because you can't fight the ultimate enemy without these skills!

New Mounts*
New mounts are awaiting you to wander around the lands of Dragon Saga.

New Gear**
Three tiers of a full gear including a weapon and a bracelet (shield/talisman/kickball) can be obtained by collecting the needed materials from the dungeon. If you have already fought for your full [Hero] Protector of Stars set just show it (soulbound) to NPC Dr. Tesler and he will hand out a full Tier 1 Arcadia Set for you – for free! So you can immediately start "working" on obtained the 2nd tier set.

New Questline***
Over 30 new Hero quests where you can finally face your destiny.

General Changes
- the EXP penalty on dying has been removed
- the EXP gain for missions within BSQ and EW has been removed

* the new mounts will be very likely added on Thursday (7/05)

** NPC Tesler does currently not have the ability to trade or hand out the free new gear when showing him your PoS that. This will be added on Thursday (7/05). Materials from the Dungeons can already be farmed and used as soon as Dr. Tesler has the trade option available.

*** two final quests are still missing. These will be added on Thursday (7/05)