Patch Notes 7/5/2018




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.6.68, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2018-07-5, 13:00 Server Time



Arcadia Episode 3 – Destiny Unknown 
(Day 2 Patch)

Whats New
- Fifth Hero Sets (aka Arcadia Tier Sets) are now available to be obtained from NPC Dr. Tesler at Arcadia City Laboratory
- the final two quests are now available
- a cutscene has been added (we suggest to turn on the sound before completing the final quest at Don Morgan)
- a new medal has been added (Conquerer of the Chaos)
- the [Hero] Protector of Stars items can be shown to Dr. Tesler to get the particular [Normal] Fifth Hero item for free (that works only once per item per character). Please keep in mind that the item you show him needs to be soulbound (means it has have to be equipped already)


Bug Fixes
- fixed a bug that quest objectives where monsterdrops need to be collected are immediately completed no matter how many drops have been collected
- fixed a bug where skill reset scrolls reset the new skills which are obtained by an item instead of being learned by using skill points
- fixed a bug where so called "summoned skills" (Blizzard, Spark Rock, Snow Blues, Vulcan 300, etc.) are spawned behind the player instead of in front of the player in the Dungeon of Destiny
- the textures of the NPCs Skypie, Mirinae and Belkan have been fixed
- fixed a bug that some NPCs in the Dungeon of Destiny were facing into the wrong direction
- an experimental fix has been added to improve the FPS drop in the Dungeon of Destiny some players are experiencing
- Destiny's Boss Room has been adjusted

Enchant/Soulcraft Event
The Enchant and Soulcraft Rates have been doubled until July, 11th.