Patch Notes 5/23/2019



Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.7.50, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2019-05-23, 14:00 Server Time




Moods for Field Maps
The dawn, day, dusk and night moods have been added to Steven Trading PortJigsaw Pincers CoastDecker Shark PierKalygon Fleet and Nautilus Port.
Take a look how beautiful the coast area will look in the different moods.


Heirloom Item Event
This event is ending. The gold coins can still be traded at the Vending Machine for another week.

Heirloom Bone Items Mini Drop Event
Kill monsters and collect Orange Coins. Orange Coins can be traded at the Vending Machine either to a Heirloom Bone Set Gasha Box which randomly contains a part of the Heirloom Bone Sets (20 Orange Coins and 25 Gada Coins) or to a Heirloom Bone Weapon Gasha Box which contains a Heirloom Bone Weapon for a random class (25 Orange Coins and 25 Gada Coins).
This event runs until June, 5th.




Mount Stat Adjustments

We are proud to announce that we are starting to adjust the older mounts to get the same high stats as the new mounts and support pets have. The following mounts now can get the high stats:

- Sugar Glider
- Blue Tail Lizard
- Tiger


If you already own one of them and you want to increase their stats you don't need to buy a new one. You can simply randomize them by using Pet Option Randomizers or [Event] Pet Option Randomizers.


To celebrate this change we have special offer for you. Until June, 5th you can obtain one of these pets randomly from the Mount Surprise Box #1 which can be found in the Item Mall for 200 IM Points.


This box randomly contains a Flying Squirrel, Blue Tail Lizard or Tiger Egg as well as with a chance of 10% a golden egg of one of these which hatches a golden version of the particular mount (golden versions can't be dyed).


All three mounts and their golden versions can get the exact same high stats.




Party Loot Setting Update
We have added a new option to the Party Loot Setting: Random Loot
When this option is checked the loot is distributed to a random party member.

Description of the different loot options you have now:
Free for All: The character which picks up the loot gets the loot
Equal Loot: The loot is distributed in turn, no matter which character picks it up
Random Loot: The loot is distributed to a random party member, no matter which char picks it up


Item Mall

Farrell's Dragon Ballon Box
On community wish we have created an Item Mall Balloon Box. You can obtain one Balloon Box from the Item Mall for 80 IM points. Farrell's Dragon Balloon Box contains randomly one of 10 differently colored Two-Headed Dragon Balloons.
The stats of the Balloon are: STR +10, INT +10, MaxHP +10%,  Critical Damage +10%, Final Critical Success Rate +2%, Movement Speed +10%, Attack Speed +10%, Physical and Magic Attack +120 (scales with Soulcraft Grade/Enchant Level).



Adventurer's Cape Box
After the different Wing Boxes we created we decided to create a Cape Box. The Adventurer's Cape Box contains 3 different Cape designs in 7 different colors each – which makes a total of 21 different capes. Opening a box randomly gives you one of these 21 capes.
The stats are: Critical Damage +12%, MaxHP +12%, Movement Speed +12.5%, Attack Speed +12.5%, Final Critical Success Rate +1.5%







Tropical Blue Outfit (male)
Ice Candy Outfit (female)
Villain's Outfit
Surprise Bear Costume
England Police Uniform (male)
England Police Uniform (female)
Set of Unity


Pirate Captain Costume [Advanced Tab]
Skeleton Costume [Advanced Tab]

Naughty Little Devil Costume [Special Tab]
Sly Little Wizard Costume [Special Tab]

[Best] Set of Unity [Deluxe Tab]
Zeus Set [Deluxe Tab]
Inka Shaman Outfit [Deluxe Tab]