Patch Notes 6/6/2019




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.7.53, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2019-06-06, 14:00 Server Time




Moods for Field Maps
The dawn, day, dusk and night moods have been added to Mirinae Sanctuary and Skypie Sanctuary. Enjoy their new look!


Early Summer Mini Grind Event

Go and collect 15 Likes and you can trade them for a Big Event Costume Box at the Vending Machine. This box contains randomly parts of a lot of event costumes to trade or keep.

The box contains the following costumes:
Pink Baseball Groupy Costume (female)
White Baseball Groupy Costume (female)
White Baseball Costume (unisex)
Black Baseball Costume (unisex)
Blue Basketball Uniform (unisex)
White Basketball Uniform (unisex)
Chic Modern Costume (unisex)
Traditional Outdoor Outfit (unisex)
Serious Business Suit (unisex)
Super Beetle Costume (unisex)
Jonathan's Suit (unisex)
Joseph's Suit (unisex)
Brindle Suit (unisex)
Leopard Suit (unisex)
Black Fedora
Navy Fedora
Red Fedora
Dandy Sunglasses

The Likes are dropped at the following locations:
- in all Mission Map starting from Mirinae Sanctuary (Arcade Mode and Chaos Mode)
- in Drakos Tower and VanCliff (Regular and Expert Mode)
- in the following Dungeons: Underground Graveyard (Lv. 30 & Lv. 35), Akia Cave, Verdurous Forest, Kundara Dungeon, Red Fox Delta (Regular and Expert Mode), Specter's Tower
- Dungeon of Destiny

The event runs until June, 13th.

Additionally we have added 2 balloons to the Vending Machine:
The [Event] Soccer Balloon and the [Event] Baseball Balloon which can be obtained for 10 Silver Coins each.







Ultimate Hero Set
Cutie Attendant Red Uniform
Marquis Kulon Outfit (male)
Marchionesse Kulon Outfit (female)
Peasant's Outfit
Pirate Worker's Outfit




Duke of Vankos Outfit (male) [Advanced Tab]
Duchess of Vankos Outfit (female) [Advanced Tab]
Milky Way Raincoat [Advanced Tab]

Royal Highness Outfit [Special Tab]
Child Maid Outfit [Special Tab]

[Best] Ultimate Hero Set [Deluxe Tab]
Snake Set [Deluxe Tab]
Artemis Set [Deluxe Tab]