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Some of you might remember the first days of video games in the mid-eighties. Join us and discover all the magic, excitement and fun of early video games in a Dragon Saga style. Welcome to the wonderful world of Pixel Saga 1986.


Pixel Saga 1986 comes with a complete new Questline. It consists of 13 new hero quests for Characters Level 80+. Can you save the year 1986 from evil forces?

Come and see Odellia, the Windia Plains and the Advanced Windia Plains including the monsters and mission maps in a 1986 pixel retro style.


To complete the magic of the eighties we have added a fancy Chiptune soundtrack for you to listen to. (Check the new Credits button in the main menu for further information on the soundtrack).
Odellia, Windia Plains, Advanced Windia Plains, the Mission Maps and the Mission Boss Rooms have their own tune.


As soon as you enter the retro world of Dragon Saga, the font changes into a nostalgic 8-bit font. This font is used for every written text while you are residing in the retro area. This includes all UI elements including the open market and the cash shop. (Check the new Credits button in the main menu for further information on the font).


On entering the Pixel Saga 1986 world your chain combos will be turned off. This is intended and you won't be able to re-activate them as long as you are staying in the retro world. If you have activated chain combos they will be automatically re-activated after leaving the Pixel Saga area.

Experience the Advanced Windia Plains monsters on a difficulty of a Lv. 87 monster being a challenge our Community always requested.  You think Vagabond and Vegas are  the easiest bosses of the game? Wait until you experienced the challenge and your opinion may change.


Mission Maps
The mission maps come with an Arcade Mode and Scenario Mode only.
You will get the usual High Energy Plasma and Mysterious Fragments at the end if your Score is high enough (usual mechanics).
The end reward reward screen has changed. There is no need for Gada Coins in the year 1986.
Getting Score E and F is not rewarded. All other scores are (D,C,B,A,S,SS,SSS).
Only one end reward per person is given which can be:


Windia Plains / Advanced Windia Plains
Vintage HP Potion
Vintage MP Potion
Skill Point +1
Farrell's Old Jewel (see below)
Mega Pixel (see below)
Pixel Coin (see below)

Windia Plains
[Cursed] Prime Pixel (STR) (see below)
[Cursed] Prime Pixel (HLT) (see below)


Advanced Windia Plains
[Cursed] Prime Pixel (INT) (see below)
[Cursed] Prime Pixel (AGI) (see below)


Farrell's Old Jewel
By right clicking this item you can immediately enchant an item of your choice regardless of it's level (including IM items) randomly from +2 to +5. The item must not be enchanted higher than +4 already. If you use the Jewel on an item which is for example +4 their is the risk that the outcome enchant is lower than it was before or it stays the same. There is no guarantee that the enchant level after using the Jewel is higher than it was before. Items can't get destroyed by using the Jewel.


Prime Pixel
Only [Cursed] Prime Pixels are dropped as end reward in the mission maps. These can be sold, mailed and traded to other players and are used for the new Prime Pixel System. They come in 4 different stats: STR, INT, HLT and AGI. Each of them has 5 grades:  Regular, Advanced, Special, Artifact and Legendary. Any Prime Pixel that is not cursed can't be traded, mailed or sold.


Prime Pixel System
NPC Pablo at Odellia (in the Retro World only) has the option called "Pixel Blend" in which the Prime Pixels can be blended to the next higher grade (similar to Monster Card Blending). You will need 2 Prime Pixels of the same grade and kind to blend them into the next higher grade. Example: 2 [Advanced] Prime Pixel (INT) can be blended into 1 [Special] Prime Pixel (INT). The success chance is 33%. You can insert a Prime Pixel Insurance Scroll to protect the Prime Pixels from being destroyed and fail. Inserting a Prime Pixel Insurance Scroll additionally increases the success chance to 50%.

Stats of the Prime Pixels
[Regular] Prime Pixels give +2 of their particular stat
[Advanced] Prime Pixels give +4 of their particular stat
[Special] Prime Pixels give +6 of their particular stat
[Artifact] Prime Pixels give +8 of their particular stat
[Legendary] Prime Pixels give +10 of their particular stat


Using Prime Pixels
The 1986 Prime Pixels can only be attached to the following Item Mall Items:
Prime Pixel (INT) can be attached to IM Rings
Prime Pixel (STR) can be attached to IM Rings
Prime Pixel (HLT) can be attached to IM Necklaces
Prime Pixel (AGI) can be attached to IM Earrings


Prime Pixel Grades
Prime Pixels can only be attached to IM Items which have the same Soulcraft Grade (or higher) that matches the Grade of the Prime Pixel. Example: A [Special] Prime Pixel (INT) can only be attached to an IM Ring with Soulcraft Grades: Special, Artifact, Legend. A [Regular] Prime Pixel can be attached regardless of the Item's Soulcraft Grade.

Selling, trading or mailing Items with attached Prime Pixels
Items which have a Prime Pixel attached can't be sold, traded or mailed. You can't put them into the guild vault or account vault. If you need to do anything of that you need to either extract or destroy the attached Prime Pixel (see below).


Prime Pixel Insurance Scroll
As mentioned above the Prime Pixel Insurance Scroll protects your Prime Pixels if a blending attempt fails.They can be either obtained from the Item Mall as package of 1 piece (40 IM Points) or 5 pieces (150 IM Points) or you can get them from NPC Pablo at Odellia (Retro World) by exchanging 5 Pixel Coins for one. The Item Mall Prime Pixel Insurance Scrolls can be sold/COD-mailed 50+ as usual. The Prime Pixel Insurance you get from Pablo is fully restricted. Like it is for Monster Card blending the Scroll is consumed even if the blending attempt  is successful.


Mega Pixel
The Mega Pixel  comes as only one grade: Legendary. It can only be attached to an item which already has attached a [Legendary] Prime Pixel of any stat. The Mega Pixel always adds HLT +3 to the particular item. This is the same for all [Legendary] Prime Pixels regardless of their own stat.

An IM Ring with [Legendary] Prime Pixel attached gives +10 INT.
An IM Ring with [Legendary] Prime Pixel and [Legendary] Mega Pixel attached gives +10 INT and +3 HLT.

Important: If an item has a Mega Pixel attached neither the Prime Pixel nor the Mega Pixel can be extracted. If you want to sell, trade, mail or account vault or guild vault such item you need to destroy the pixels first.


Mega Pixels can be obtained either from a very rare Mission drop from one of the Mission Maps in the Retro World or traded at NPC Pablo (Odellia Retro World) for 50 [Cursed] Prime Pixels of each kind.


Prime Pixel Extraction/Destruction
Attached Prime Pixels can be extracted from the items. For extraction a specific amount of [Cursed] Prime Pixels is needed depending on the Grade of the Prime Pixel you want to extract.

[Regular] needs 1 [Cursed] Prime Pixel, [Advanced] needs 2 [Cursed] Prime Pixels, [Special] needs 4 [Cursed] Prime Pixels, [Artifact] needs 8 [Cursed] Prime Pixels and [Legendary] needs 16 [Cursed] Prime Pixels. You can decide to destroy the Prime Pixel instead. Destroying a Prime Pixel is free. Important: If the item has a Mega Pixel attached neither the Prime Pixel nor the Mega Pixel can be extracted anymore, if you want to remove them you need to destroy them.


How to enter the Pixel Saga World
As soon as your character becomes Level 80 you will notice a new NPC close to the City Hall Sewers. After completing the initial Quest that NPC has for you the NPC has the option "Start (Pixel Saga)". Use it and you will be warped to the Pixel Saga World.
Players below level 80 or not having completed the quest cannot party warp inside the Pixel Saga World. To Party break-in Pixel Saga Mission Maps you need to reside in the retro world.
The Puff Tower Network is separated from the one in the Present World. You cannot travel through the two different world with the puff towers of the other world. Mounts can not travel through the Retro World but they can warp you out of the retro world.
Except from that Pets/Mounts/Support Pets behave as in the Present World.


Pixel Saga Dragon Balloons
You can obtain Pixel Saga Dragon Balloons from the Vending Machine for 10 silver coins each. There are currently 3 of them: Pixel Saga Lavalon Balloon, Pixel Saga Destiny Balloon and Pixel Saga Kryos Balloon. All of them have the same stats.



Item Mall
The Mini Wings Box has been removed from the Item Mall.
The Flapping WIngs Box has been added to the Item Mall.
Prime Pixel Insurance Scroll (1 pcs. and 5 pcs.) have been added to the Item Mall.


EXP Event
We are proud to announce a small EXP Event for you. The EXP Rates until the next week are as follows:
Thursday, 6/13: 2.0x
Friday, 6/14: 2.2x
Saturday, 6/15: 2.4x
Sunday, 6/16: 2.5x
Monday, 6/17 through Thursday, 6/20 13:00 Server Time: 1.5x