Patch Notes 8/29/2019





Maintenance Notes

Patch Version 0.7.73, Client Version:


Server Maintenance

2019-08-29, 13:00 Server Time



Pixel Saga 1987

Doctor Parrell is back with another of his great plans! Will you be able to save the year 1987?



Pixel Saga 1987 comes with 13 new hero quests which extend the previous questline. 

Come and see Traitor's Ridge and the Canyon of Oblivion including the monsters and mission maps in the Pixel Saga retro style.



To complete the magic of the next chapter we have added a new soundtrack again to the Traitor's Ridge and Canyon of Oblivion Field Maps (check the Credits button in the main menu for further information on the soundtrack).

Mission Maps

The mission maps come with an Arcade Mode and Scenario Mode only.

You will get the usual High Energy Plasma and Mysterious Fragments at the end if your Score is high enough (usual mechanics).

Getting Score E and F is not rewarded. All other scores are (D,C,B,A,S,SS,SSS).

Only one end reward per person is given which can be:


Traitor's Ridge / Canyon of Oblivion
Vintage HP Potion
Vintage MP Potion
Skill Point +1
Farrell's Old Jewel
Mega Pixel 1987 (see below)
Pixel Coin 

Traitor's Ridge
[Cursed] Prime Pixel (PDEF) (see below)

Canyon of Oblivion
[Cursed] Prime Pixel (MDEF) (see below)

Prime Pixel (Pixel Saga 1987)
Only [Cursed] Prime Pixels are dropped as end reward in the mission maps. These can be sold, mailed and traded to other players and are used for the new Prime Pixel System. They new Pixel Saga 1987 Prime Pixels come with 2 different stats: PDEF and MDEF. Each of them has 5 grades: Regular, Advanced, Special, Artifact and Legendary. Any Prime Pixel that is not cursed can't be traded, mailed or sold.

Stats of the Prime Pixels
[Regular] Prime Pixels give +250 of their particular def stat
[Advanced] Prime Pixels give +750 of their particular def stat
[Special] Prime Pixels give +1300 of their particular def stat
[Artifact] Prime Pixels give +2000 of their particular def stat
[Legendary] Prime Pixels give +3000 of their particular def stat


Using Prime Pixels
The 1987 Prime Pixels can only be attached to the following Item Mall Items:
Prime Pixel (PDEF) can be attached to IM Belts
Prime Pixel (MDEF) can be attached to IM Bracelets/Shields

Mega Pixel 1987

The Mega Pixel 1987 comes as only one grade: Legendary. It can only be attached to an item which already has attached a [Legendary] Prime Pixel 1987 of either pdef or mdef stat. The Mega Pixel always adds Max HP +5.0% to the particular item. This is the same for all [Legendary] Prime Pixels regardless of their own stat.

Mega Pixels can be obtained either from a very rare Mission drop from one of the Mission Maps in the 1987 Retro World or traded at NPC Pablo (Odellia Retro World) for 50 [Cursed] Prime Pixels 1987 of each kind.




PvE Multiplier Adjustments

For the following classes we made some PvE multipliert adjustments:

Knight 1.6x
Paladin 1.8x

Dragoon 1.8x

Gladiator 1.5x
Myrmidone 1.5x
Overlord 1.5x

Wizard 1.6x
Warlock 1.6x
Sorcerer 1.6x

Hunter 1.5x
Pathfinder 1.6x
Sentinel 1.6x

Bandit 1.5x
Rogue 1.7x
Savage 1.7x

Infiltrator 1.3x
Assassin 1.3x
Ninja 1.4x


All other classes stay as they are.


Harvey NPC Changes

Some breaking changes to NPC Harvey have been done. NPC Harvey does not accept Silver Coins anymore instead NPC Harvey has now his own item Broken Relic for exchanging instead.


There will be a time limited trade (one week) where you can exchange your Silver Coins at a rate of 10:1 (10 Silver Coins = 1 Broken Relic). This offer ends on September, 5th 13:00 Server Time.


Additionally there are some things to care about:


1. Broken Relics can only be farmed at the following spots:


- in all Mission Map starting from Mirinae Sanctuary (Arcade Mode and Chaos Mode)
- in Drakos Tower and VanCliff (Regular and Expert Mode)
- in the following Dungeons: Underground Graveyard (Lv. 30 & Lv. 35), Akia Cave, Verdurous Forest, Kundara Dungeon, Red Fox Delta (Regular and Expert Mode), Specter's Tower
- Dungeon of Destiny


2. You can't own more than 999 Broken Relics (one stack) on your character


3. Broken Relics can't be transferred to other characters in any way (this includes the account vault restriction)


4. Items you get from Harvey will expire after 1 hour and then be automatically removed from you inventory. If you want to use these items get them and do what you want to do with them right away. For example enchanting, soul crafting, randomizing etc.



The drop rate of the Broken Relic is equal to the drop rate of the Silver Coins. The item prices at NPC Harvey haven't changed.
Harvey now offers stacks of items. We recommend to use this because otherwise single items use up one slot each due to them expiring.


Wild Paws Weapons

Grab yourself a Wild Paws Weapon and feel like a wild cat! You can get Wild Paws Weapons in the following color themes: Lynx, Jaguar, Panther and Snow Leopard.

You can get Wild Paws Weapons by getting a Wild Paws Weapon Gasha Box from the Item Mall (80 IM Points). The box yields a weapon for a random class with a random style. The chance of getting a weapon for your class with a random color is 10%, getting a weapon for your class with a specific color is 2.5%.




Inventory Expansion

Running out of Inventory Space? Did you ever dream from bigger inventories? You have been heard and your dreams come true. Inventories have been extended to be at doubled size now – which means they can be expanded to 144 slots instead of 72 as before!



The Inventory Screen comes with two new buttons to switch between Page 1 and Page 2 of the Inventory. How the inventory can be easily organized anyway (how items can be moved between the two pages) can be seen in this short video:



When moving the cursor over the page button while "holding" an item the page changes after 0.75 seconds. So you will be able to drop an item to the other page.


The inventory can be expanded using the usual Inventory Expansions from the Item Mall which are currently on a mini-sale. All Inventory Expansions are 20 IM Points off until September, 5th 2019.



General Fixes and Changes

- Silver Coins do not longer drop in Hidden Maps