Patch Notes 9/5/2019





Maintenance Notes

Patch Version 0.7.75, Client Version:


Server Maintenance

2019-09-05, 13:00 Server Time


Crazy Mount Event

Collect Colorless Eggs dropped by killing monsters and exchange them together with silver coins for Crazy Mount Box at the Vending Machine. The box randomly yields one of the following items:

[Event] Hover S-201 Egg
[Event] Hover X-201 Egg
[Event] Hover Z-201 Egg
[Event] Kero Egg
[Event] Oscar Egg
[Event] Little Husky Egg
[Event] Helga Egg
[Event] Freo Egg
[Event] Mr. Phelix Egg
[Event] Mr. Tiger Egg
[Event] Mr. Husky Egg
[Event] Leo Egg
[Event] Oinker Egg
[Event] Flick Egg (dyable)
[Event] Fillon Egg (dyable)
[Event] Wunny Egg

Rarely you could also get:
[Event] Pet Dye Potion
[Event] Pet Name Changer
[Event] Mount Food (10 days)

The event is available until September, 19th 13:00 Server Time


Elemental Cerberus Rings


At NPC Edeward located either at Dragon Valley or Edge of the World you are now able to exchange your 15* Cerberus Solar/Lunar/Stellar Ring for a Elemental Cerberus Solar/Lunar/Stellar Ring. The Elemental Ring has the same stats the 15* ring has but with additional Element Stats.

Solar: All Elements Damage Rate +3, Lunar/Stellar: All Elements Resistance Rate +2


Upgrading costs for the Rings are as follows:

Solar: 1x 15* Cerberus Solar Ring, 10x Purification Stone, 5x Weapon Enchant Dust Cube, 50x Every Element Bless

Lunar/Stellar: 1x 15* Cerberus Solar Ring, 10x Purification Stone, 5x Armor Enchant Dust Cube, 50x Every Element Bless


You can exchange your Fire/Ice/Natur/Dark Element Blesses at NPC Gwen at Kazeura or Port of the Winds for Every Element Blesses (you need one of each kind to get 1 Every Element Bless).


Please know that when exchanging the 15* Star Cerberus Ring to an Elemental Cerberus Ring the Soulcraft Effects are gone. Also the Elemental Cerberus RIng is fully restricted.



Skill Change: Time Reverse Aura (Paladin)

Within Dungeon of Destiny the casting time and cooldown time is only reduced by 0.5 seconds when this skill is active no matter the level of the skill.


Skill Change: Sacred Protection (Paladin)

The skill does not take 100% of the damage the party member anymore instead the caster takes 50% of the damage of the party member. The party member still gets the other 50% of the damage. The damage the caster takes is finally reduced by 2% (Skill Lv.1), 4% (Skill Lv. 2), 6% (Skill Lv. 3), 8% (Skill Lv. 4) and 10% (Skill Lv. 5). The other skill effects haven't been changed.


General Fixes and Changes


- to mitigate botting Event Drops of any kind are no longer dropping on Hidden Maps
- to decrease AFK farming the drop of Silver Coins and Broken Relics is no longer Party shared
- fixed a bug which was causing an "An undefined error has occured" when trying to attach a Socket Card, Prime Pixel or Mega Pixel to an item when using Reinforced Insurance Scrolls traded by Harvey
- fixed a bug which caused that the amount of items traded at some NPCs was shown behind the particular item icon
- added packages of 5 IS and 5 RIS to NPC Harvey (community wish)
- added an informative text to the NPC Harvey trade dialog
- added an informative text to the NPC Edward trade dialog at Dragon Valley and Edge of the World
- removed Yeti Balloon and Metal Cube Balloon from the Vending Machine and added the Tofu Balloon and the QQ Balloon (10 Silver Coins each)


Item Mall


- Violet Mini Car has been removed
- Cool Sportster has been removed
- Parrell's Cutie Ballon Box has been removed
- Summer Wing Box has been removed
- Titan Wing Box has been removed
- Water Guardian Weapon Box has been added (80 IM)
- Light and Dark Pixel Weapon Box has been added (80 IM each)
- Farrell's Dragon Balloon Box has been added (80 IM)
- Golden Dragon Mount has been added (240 IM)
- Midnight Calm Mount has been added (240 IM)

Golden Dragon and Midnight Calm mounts are now capable to get the high stats. If you already own one of them and you want them to get high stats you need to Pet Option Randomize them.




Sporty Popstar Outfit (female)
[Best] Shiny Funk Look Outfit (male)
[Best] Shiny Funk Look Outfit (female)
White Martial Arts Suit (male)
Vintage Popstar Outfit (female)
Ultimate Hero Set



Sheep Doll Costume [Advanced Tab]
Cat on my Head Costume [Advanced Tab]

Fantasy Priest/Pythoness Costume [Special Tab]
Semi-Formal Night Dress [Special Tab]
Royal Highness Costume [Special Tab]

Super Dragon Ranger Costume [Deluxe Tab]
Dark Magician Outfit [Deluxe Tab]
[Best] Ultimate Hero Set [Deluxe Tab]