Patch Notes 2/20/2020



Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.8.16, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2020-02-20, 13:00 Server Time

It has begun...
... Changes
The Advanced Tab of the MixBoard has been removed. Normal and Advanced Grade Costumes are now only available from the BigWheelSpecial Grade and Artifact Grade Costumes remain in their particular MixBoard category.

When using costume pieces for mixing, there is no option to get any advanced costume anymore. The MixBoard only consists of Special Grade and Artifact Grade Costumes now.
The Deluxe Tab has been renamed to Artifact. From now on you will find Special Grade costume pieces only at the Special Grade Tab and Artifact Grade costume pieces only at the Artifact Tab.

Because of this change the following 3 high-stat special grade costumes have been turned into an Artifact Costume: Devil's Set of Agility, Angel's Set of Health and Lucifer's Set of Artfulness.

You get the following mixing points for the costume pieces with the particular grade:

Normal – 1 Point (as before)
Advanced – 5 Points (as before)
Special – 10 Points (new)
Artifcat – 25 Points (as before)




Carneval Season Event

On Thursday, 2/20 the street carnival is starting in many countries and all the jesters are going wild on the streets. This is a reason for us to celebrate the street carnival season this year with an EXP and grind event.

By killing monsters you can get a 'Kamelle* Box' which randomly contains one the following:

1x Choppy Chop – a lollipop (consumable) which is able to immediately restore 1300 HP and MP (blocked for use in BSQ)
1x Caramel Kamelle* - a candy (consumable) which is able to immediately restore 1000 HP (blocked for use in BSQ)
1x Fruit Kamelle* - candy (consumable) which is able to immediately restore 1000 MP
1x Half-eaten Choppy Chop – a half-eaten lollipop of which you can trade 5 for a Carnival Mask Box at the Vending Machine

The consumables are tradable, the half-eaten Choppy Chop and the Kamelle Box itself and the Carnival Mask Box are fully restricted.

Carnival Mask Box
This box randomly contains one of the 11 masks which can be obtained through the Item Mall as [Event] version or one of the new Carnival Mask in four different colors (red, blue, green, yellow). The Carnival Mask is harder to get but comes with better stats. Also the Carnival Mask is soulbound once equipped.

The monsters are dropping the Kamelle Box from Thursday, 2/20 13:00 Server Time until Tuesday, 2/25 23:59 Server Time.




General Fixes and Changes
- a bug has been fixed which caused that opened guild vault was not available before a server restart



Professional Skiers Outfit

Odellia Highschool Uniform (male)
Odellia Highschool Uniform (female)
Ash Mist Highschool Uniform (male)
Ash Mist Highschool Uniform (female)
Azure Gala Set
Valentine Prom Dress
Dionysus Set (Advanced)

Colonel Uniform [Artifact Tab]
Artemis Set [Artifact Tab]
Dionysus Set (Artifact) [Artifact Tab]


Cutie Attendant Uniform (Black) [Special Tab]

White Smith Set [Special Tab]

Styling Pink Outfit [Special Tab]