Patch Notes 3/5/2020




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.8.17, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2020-03-05, 13:00 Server Time


Valentine Event 2020
The Valentine Event has ended. You can still exchange leftover items at NPC Gordon at Port of the Winds for another week.

Server Move Downtime Compensation Box
If you have a character which is Level 40+ don't forget to login on Saturday, March 7 between 0:00 and 23:29 Server Time to grab your compensation box. Your character needs to stay in-game for at least 40 minutes. Each character can only get one box.


Heirloom Item Event
Kill Monsters in Expert Modes to collect Gold Coins. You can trade 20 of them at the Vending Machine for boxes containing different Heirloom Items.


Nostalgia Box
Heirloom Vegas Stuffed Hat
Heirloom Kunkah's Wooden Shield
Heirloom Captain Hookah's Hat
Heirloom Alvida's Picnic Hat
Heirloom Rokko's Horned Helmet
Heirloom Elluman's Crown
Heirloom Karkharous Gloves
Heirloom Burlune's Mask
Heirloom Vella's Wings
Heirloom Bubobubo's Fancy Shoulderguard
Heirloom Paul Burnaun's Ring


Nostalgia Weapon Gasha Box
Heirloom Hookah's Double Rifle
Heirloom Alvida's Specialist Rifle
Heirloom Lightning Sabre
Heirloom Ahtoo's Claw
Heirloom Karkharous Two Handed Sword
Heirloom Arka's Harmony Staff
Heirloom Vella's Trident
Heirloom Lightning Oak One-hand Sword
Heirloom Lightning Oak Two-hand Sword
Heirloom Lightning Oak Staff
Heirloom Lightning Oak Spear
Heirloom Lightning Oak Bow
Heirloom Lightning Oak Crossbow
Heirloom Lightning Oak Claw
Heirloom Lightning Oak Katar


Heirloom Bone Weapon Gasha Box
The box contains a Heirloom Bone Weapon for a random class

Heirloom Bone Set Gasha Box
The box contains part of the Heirloom Bone Sets for a random class

Please keep in mind that Heirloom Items can only be worn by Human classes. There are no wearable Heirloom Items for Dragonkin classes available.



General Fixes
- fixed the inventory icon for the Glacial Guardian Sword
- fixed the Port of the Winds map design which caused the Vyvern Lounge to disappear


Item Mall
The Heartbreaker WeaponsSweet Candy WeaponsGlacial Guardian Weapons and the Flapping Wing Box have been removed.



The Valentine Prom Dress has been removed. All other costumes stay for another week due to the Server Move downtime.



The Styling Pink Outfit [Special Tab] has been removed. All other costumes stay for another week due to the Server Move downtime.