Patch Notes 1/28/2021


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.8.89, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2021-01-28, 13:00 Server Time

Element Bless Grind Event
This event has ended. You can still exchange the events items at the Vending Machine for another week.

Grinding for Food Mini Event
Until February 4th, 13:00 Server Time all killed monsters have a chance to drop a food box. It can randomly contain one of these:

3x Bread Roll
3x Parfait
2x Cake
2x Yoghurt
1x Hamburger
1x Juice

Bon appétit!

Expert Mode Dungeons Update
The behavior how damage is dealt inside Expert Mode Dungeon has been updated. The damage dealt is now always the middle of your weapon's min and max damage if the weapon is enchanted to +10. The lower the enchant value of your weapon is the more the damage is adjusted to the minimum damage. If the weapon is not enchanted only the minimum damage is dealt. If the weapon is enchanted to the maximum always the maximum damage is dealt. No random amount is involved anymore.

For skills having a fixed amount damage (like 67% of Weapon Magic Attack Power +400) the amount is decreased the higher the difference of the weapon level to your character level is.
The range is -10% for a weapon 1 levels below to -100% for a weapon 10 levels below which means that no fixed amount is added for weapons which are 10 levels or more below the character level.

That is only the case for weapons below level 70 as long as there is only the Protector of Stars/Black Dragon Lord weapon available between Level 70 and 84.
Soul Gems have no effect on the damage inside Expert Mode Dungeons.
Soul Gem Update
Inside instanced maps (Dungeons, Expert Modes, Mission Maps) the Soul Gems give an additional EXP bonus. The more Soul Gems are attached to the weapon the higher the given EXP bonus is.

1 Soul Gem: +10% Base EXP
2 Soul Gems: +20% Base EXP
3 Soul Gems: +40% Base EXP
4 Soul Gems: +70% Base EXP
5 Soul Gems: +100% Base EXP

Dailies System Update
We have updated the dailies system and you're now rewarded when you are playing the dailies often. From now on bonus EXP is granted for completing the final (10th) quest of each type of daily quest (Hunter G., Guild, Andre). Every time you complete the 10 daily quests a bonus of 0.25x EXP is added for completing the 10th quest of the particular daily type the next time you do them. It's not needed to do them every day. After you did them 7 times and you got your 2.5x EXP bonus the counter is reset and you get normal 1.0x for the next time you do the quests and starts counting up again.

Mood Rework
Fog has been re-added to maps which have gotten moods or light reworks to make them look more atmospheric.

General Fixes and Changes
- Fix: Ailon (Abandoned Facility) is now dropping gold
- Update: The Buyback Function at NPC shops has been reactivated
- Fix: The check box which went missing from the Mission Map selection dialog when the option to decide to get bonus maps on mission start is back again
- Fix: When teleporting to Red Fox Delta they player should appear at the Red Fox Delta entrance again
- Adjustment: The [Best] Lava accessory items can now be socketed
- Fix: The error message appearing when trying to equip a mutated costume/weapon when the original item level range did not match the player's level has been removed
- Fix: The cities should now all be winter themed
- Fix: Several text corrections

Item Mall
Mount Surprise Box
Flying Squirrel Mount
Protector of the Universe Weapon Box

Annihilation Weapon Box – 80 IM each
Devastation Weapon Box – 80 IM each
Spiked Wings Box – 80 IM each
Midnight Calm Mount – 240 IM
Midnight Scream Mount – 240 IM

Cloud Raincoat
Snow Bear Costume
Khaki Knit Outfit
Cutie Maid Yellow Uniform
[Best] Tiger-Patterned Hoodie (male)
[Best] Tiger-Patterned Hoodie (female)
Red Dance Casual Outfit (male)
Apple Green Casual Outfit (female)
Dionysus Set (Advanced)

Blue Tyranno Dinosaur Costume [Special]
Rune Knight Set (male) [Special]
Rune Knight Set (female) [Special]
Zeus Set (Special) [Special]

Modern Ninja Set [Artifact]
Crazy Clown Costume [Artifact]
Dionysus Set (Artifact) [Artifact]