Patch Notes 2/4/2021

Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.8.90, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2021-02-04, 13:00 Server Time

Lunar New Year Event – Year of the Ox
Happy Lunar New Year Dragon Saga Friends and welcome to the year of the ox!
Collect Ox Heads until February, 18 13:00 Server Time dropped by killing Monsters inside Expert Modes, Dungeons and Mission Maps starting with Mirinae Sanctuary (they don't drop inside Temple of Water) and trade them to our Vending Machine for one of the following items:

Lunar New Year Achievement
Lunar New Year Box

The Lunar New Year Box randomly contains one of the following items:
Asian Squid Balloon
Chinese Ghost Balloon
Ox Balloon *NEW*
Good Luck Backpack
Dragon Mask (now for Dragokins as well)
Dragon Backpack (now for Dragokins as well
Lion Mask (now for Dragokins as well
Lion Backpack (now for Dragokins as well
A red money pouch which contains some silver
2x White Moon Cake (regenerates 1450 HP instantly, does not work in BSQ)
2x Red Moon Cake (regenerates 1450 MP instantly)
3x Fortune Cookie (regenerates 1350 HP and 1350 MP instantly, does not work in BSQ)
4x Yellow Moon Cake (regenerates 1250 HP instantly, does not work in BSQ)
4x Green Moon Cake (regenerates 1250 MP instantly)

Snowy Graveyard: Mood
Snowy Graveyard now supports the 4 moods Day, Night, Dusk and Dawn depending on your mood setting.

General Fixes and Changes
- Bugfix: Fixed a general bug in the Blow Up function which caused several skills (for example Ambush) to lift up enemies too high into the air which caused several problems.
- Bugfix: Costume Weapon Mutator The PoW Farm's Collection Tool cannot longer be used as the source item for weapon mutation. The tool cannot be mutated into because of lacking class specific weapon animations.
- Bugfix: Fixed wrong looking fog effect of God's Sanctuary's and Mirinae Sanctuary's dawn mood

Added Lunar Set [Artifact] *NEW*