Patch Notes 2/25/2021

Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.8.95, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2021-02-25, 13:00 Server Time

Valentine's Day Event 2021 – Event Guide
On community wish the event has been extended for another week.
The event runs until March 4, 13:00 Server Time.

[Event] Set Grind Event
Collect Strange Looking Smiley Posters until March 11, 13:00 Server Time dropped by killing
Monsters inside Expert Modes, Dungeons and Mission Maps starting with Mirinae Sanctuary (they don't drop inside Temple of Water) and trade them to our Vending Machine for a part of the [Event] Set of Unity or [Event] Arcadia's Set of Destiny. Every part costs 20 Smiley Posters.

Hall of Masters: Points
The Expert Modes of Magma Dungeon and Temple of Water now give HoM points. For killing Lavalon you get 4 HoM Points, for killing Endairon you get 2 HoM Points.
Item Mall

Midnight Calm
Midnight Scream
Golden Dragon
Annihilation Weapon Box
Devastation Weapon Box

Cool Sportster Car Mount – 240 IM
Naughty Pink Car Mount – 240 IM
Evolution Weapon Gasha Box – 80 IM

Stuffed Bear Doll
Luxurious Winter Relief Outfit (male)
Dotted Cardigan Dress (female)
Pop Dance Pop Star Outfit (male)
Traditional Chinese Outfit (Snow) (female)
Yukata Outfit (male)
Yukata Outfit (female)
Set of Unity
Arcadia's Set of Destiny
Valentine Prom Dress

Singing Lion Costume [Special]
Fire Guardian Set [Special]
Magical Girl/Boy Outfit [Special]
Styling Pink Outfit [Special]
[Best] Set of Unity [Artifact]
[Best] Arcadia's Set of Destiny [Artifact]
Mighty Warrior Set [Artifact]