Patch Notes 3/4/2021

Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.8.96, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2021-03-04, 13:00 Server Time

Valentine's Day Event 2021 – Event Guide
This event has ended. Event items can still be exchanged at NPC Gordon for another week.

[Event] Set Grind Event
This event continues until March 11, 13:00 Server Time.

DragonSaga Evolved: NPC Edward update
The following updates are part of the DragonSaga Evolved update cycle

Mission Map Armor Sets
The Jewel Exchange has been removed from NPC Edward. Instead there is a new opportunity to get Mission Maps Armor Sets of all 3 kinds (Normal, Chaotic and Glorious). The mission maps now have a chance to give Edward's Coins as a special reward (the slots where you can get the socket keys). These coins can be exchanged at NPC Edward for the Armor Set parts of your class.

Depending on the mission level there are 3 different coins you can get:
Lv. 20-39: Edward's Bronze Coin
Lv. 40-59: Edward's Silver Coin
Lv. 60-69: Edward's Gold Coin
The missions starting from Dragon Valley do not give these coins anymore.
The trade of NPC Edward has been adjusted to offer the set of the mission's level range if possible. If you need a lower level set you need to visit the NPC Edward standing in front of the previous Mission Maps. The exchange can be opened by using the "Coin Exchange" menu.

1 Edward's Silver Coin can be traded to an Edward's Bronze Coin Box which contains 2 Edward's Bronze Coins.
1 Edward's Gold Coin can be traded to an Edward's Silver Coin Box which contains 2 Edward's Silver Coins.

Dark Soul Weapons
The Edward NPC in front of Specter's Tower is now offering a Dark Soul Weapon Exchange. The recipies have been removed. Instead you can trade 5 Edward's Bronze Coins and 30 Soul of Destruction directly to a Dark Soul Weapon of your choice.

Unused Coins
The coins can be sold to an NPC Shop for 10 silver each. They can not be traded between players in any way.

Gada Coins
Gada Coins can no longer be traded between players. You can sell unused Gada Coins to an NPC Shop for 5 silver each.

Item Mall
Sweet Candy Weapon Box
Heartbreaker Weapon Box

Valentine Prom Dress has been removed

Styling Pink Outfit [Special] has been removed