Patch Notes 08/16/2023


Maintenance Notes

Patch Version 0.10.81, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2023-08-17, 11:00 Server Time

Unity Forever Event
The event continues until August 23, 11:00 Server Time.

New One-Time-Sellable Items
- Ring Coins
- Deckard's Helmet

Ultimate Elemental Concordia Earrings
You can exchange your current Elemental Concordia Earring at NPC Edward at Dragon Valley or Edge of the World for an Ultimate Elemental Concordia Earring (Lv. 84) of the same type (Lunar, Stellar, Solar).

You need to exchange your original Elemental Concordia Earring together with 12x Purification Stone, 7x Armor resp. Weapon Enchant Dust Cube , 50x Every Element Bless, 50x Chaos Energy Dust to get the new Earring which has the following stats depending on which type of Earring you used for the exchange:

Ultimate Elemental Concordia Solar Earring
MAtk +500, Atk +500, STR +15, INT +15, AGI +15
Fire/Ice/Nature/Dark Element Def +2, Fire/Ice/Nature/Dark Element Atk +4

Ultimate Elemental Concordia Lunar Earring
MDef +300, Def +300, Attack Speed +10%, Movement Speed +10%
Fire/Ice/Nature/Dark Element Def +3, Fire/Ice/Nature/Dark Element Atk +2

Ultimate Elemental Concordia Stellar Earring
Max HP +2100, Max MP +2100, HLT +15
Fire/Ice/Nature/Dark Element Def +3, Fire/Ice/Nature/Dark Element Atk +2

Item Mall
Legerity Weapon Box
Mini Wings Box
Burnaun's Hoggy Balloon Box
Demon Horns Box

Light Pixel Weapon Box (80 IM)
Dark Pixel Weapon Box (80 IM)
Golden Pixel Weapon Box (80 IM)
Flapping Wings Box (80 IM)
Rounded Horns Box (80 IM)
Pyrei's Pucky Balloon Box (80 IM)

Special Offer (until August 31, 11:00 Server Time):
Monster Card Envelope (250 IM)
11x Monster Card Envelope (2500 IM) (+10%)
25x Monster Card Envelope (5000 IM) (+25%) Best Price!

The Monster Card Envelope contains a random [Legendary] Monster Card which can be used instantly and adds 5 additional Levels to the particular skill. No further blending needed! It can be sold once through the Market or using COD-Mail by Characters being Lv. 50 and above. Once the card is sold it can still be used but can't be sold/mailed again. It is still able to be shared through account vault.

This Special Offer will be only availble for a limited time (until August 31, 11:00 Server Time) and comes back only 3 times a year. So grab it while you can.

Important: This item cannot be requested.

Ultimate Hero Set

Black Bear Costume

Artemis Set (Advanced)

Tiger-Patterned Hoodie

Drummer Popstar Outfit (male)

Cute Pink Popstar Set (female)

[Best] Shiny Funk Look Outfit (male)

[Best] Shiny Funk Look Outfit (female)

Nature Guardian Set [Special]

Blue Tyranno Dinosaur Costume [Special]

Captain Popstar Outfit (male) [Special]

Captain Popstar Outfit (female) [Special]

[Best] Ultimate Hero Set [Artifact]

Modern Ninja Set [Artifact]

Pilgrim Outfit [Artifact]