Patch Notes 08/24/2023


Maintenance Notes

Patch Version 0.10.82, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2023-08-24, 11:00 Server Time

Unity Forever Event
This event has ended. Event items can still be exchanged at NPC Jennifer.

EXPand Event
Kill Monsters inside Expert Modes, Dungeons (except of Temple of Water) and Mission Maps starting with Mirinae Sanctuary to collect Purple Coins . You can trade them at our Event Girl NPC Jennifer for an EXPand Box.

The EXPand Box randomly contains:

3x SoulCraft Expander ( not sellable) for a random grade (2* - 8*)
1x EXP Device ( not sellable) for a random grade (2* - 8*)

1x Silver Coin

This event is designed the way that all event items have to be used by yourself.

The Event runs until September 7, 11:00 Server Time.

New One-Time-Sellable Items
- Soulcraft Randomizer
- Advanced Soulcraft Randomizer

Ultimate Elemental Hero Sign of Odellia
You can exchange your current Elemental Hero Sign of Odellia at NPC Don Morgan at Odellia for an Ultimate Elemental Hero Sign of Odellia .

You need to exchange your original Elemental Hero Sign of Odellia together with 30x Purification Stone, 20x Weapon Enchant Dust Cube , and 100x Every Element Bless to get the new item which has the following:

MAtk +1200, Atk +1200, STR +25, INT +25, AGI +25
HLT +25, Attack Speed +10%, Movement Speed +10%
Max HP +28%, Max MP +28%
Fire/Ice/Nature/Dark Element Def +2, Fire/Ice/Nature/Dark Element Atk +4

New Pet: Pigster
You can find the new Support Pet Pigster at the Item Mall for 240 IM Points. It comes with Heal Skill and 6 color variations when a Pet Dye Potion is used.

New Face Items: Halo and Halo of Lightness
In the Item Mall you can get the new Face Items from the Halo (Face Item) Box for 80 IM Points each. The box randomly contains either one of 6 differently colored Halo Face Items or one of 6 differently colored Halo of Lightness Face Items.

Both items have the usual Item Mall Face Item stats.

General Fixes and Changes
- Change:
The Cursed Monster Cards now appear with a red-ish border around there inventory icon to fight the scam that Cursed Monster Cards are sold for the same price as Legendary ones from the Monster Card Envelope.

- Updates:Some smaller updates to the German localization

WarpPortal Bonus Point Promotion
When converting WP Energy to Item Mall Points until August 31 you will get a One-Time Conversion Bonus of 15%. You can get the bonus for each of your WarpPortal Game Accounts on your WarpPortal Account. This applies to DragonSaga, Requiem, Ragnorok Online, and Ragnarok Online 2 Game Accounts. You will get the 15% bonus even if you already converted WP Energy this month.
For example if you have 2 DS accounts and 2 RO accounts on the same WP Account you will get the 15% for each of the 4 game accounts if you convert WPE for all 4 game accounts.

Keep in mind that this is a one-time conversion bonus.

Important! Steam Game Accounts are not eligible for the Conversion Bonus. This event only works for the Website Accounts!

Item Mall
Starting with this maintenance you will find special offers and the bi-weekly Item Mall Item rotation (for example the Weapon Boxes, Pets, Balloons, Face Items etc.) at the new Featured Items tab which will be available as long as no special sales are running.

This week you will find the following at the Featured Items tab:

Special Offer (until August 31, 11:00 Server Time)
50x Soulcraft Randomizer (1000 IM Points) – 20 IM Points per item instead of 24 IM Points
50x Advanced Soulcraft Randomizer (1400 IM Points) – 28 IM Points per item instead of 32 IM Points

1x Monster Card Envelope – 250 IM Points
11x Monster Card Envelope – 2500 IM Points
25x Monster Card Envelope – 5000 IM Points

New Items (until September 14, 11:00 Server Time)
Halo (Face Item Box) – 80 IM Points
Pigster Support Pet Egg – 240 IM Points

Bi-Weekly Rotation Items (until August 31, 11:00 Server Time)
Light Pixel Weapon Box – 80 IM Points
Dark Pixel Weapon Box – 80 IM Points
Golden Pixel Weapon Box – 80 IM Points
Flapping Wings Box – 80 IM Points
Rounded Horns Box – 80 IM Points
Pyrei's Pucky Balloon Box – 80 IM Points