Patch Notes 02/15/2024 - New Vending Machine


Maintenance Notes

Patch Version 0.11.13, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2024-02-15, 11:00 Server Time

Carneval Season Event

This Event has ended.Event items can still be exchanged for another week.

Lunar New Year Event – Year of the Dragon
This Event runs until February 22, 11:00 Server Time .

Valentine's Day Event 2024 – Event Guide

The event runs until March 7, 11:00 Server Time.

QoL Update: New Vending Machine
At Port of the Winds on the center floating Island you will find a new Blue Vending Machine.
This Vending Machine offers you the following items with unlimited supply and no time limit for 5 silver above their particular fixed prices:

Powdered Sugar – 1 gold 5 silver
Chocolate Piece – 1 gold 5 silver
Stick – 1 gold 5 silver
Milk – 1 gold 5 silver
Almond Piece – 1 gold 5 silver
Flour – 1 gold 5 silver
Butter – 1 gold 5 silver
Sweets Recipe Gasha Box – 55 silver

Purification Stone – 30 gold 5 silver
Armor Enchant Dust Cube – 50 gold 5 silver
Weapon Enchant Dust Cube – 60 gold 5 silver

Cake – 1 gold 30 silver (new fixed price item: 1 gold 25 silver)
Yogurt – 1 gold 30 silver (new fixed price item: 1 gold 25 silver)

With this change it is no longer possible to put fixed price items into the Guild Vault.

We decided to introduce this new method to get essential items to ensure their availability and to ensure that players don't scam or aren't scammed by others by for example selleing their stocks for a higher gold amount than the fixed price by requesting the buyer to send the gold difference by trade or mail. The price at the new Vending Machine is slightly higher so that players who decide to sell their stocks will find buyers.

QoL Update: Chance Display for Item Mall Boxes
We have introduced a system to show the chance of getting a specific item from Item Mall Boxes on their particular tooltip at the Item Mall. This has not been fully implemented yet and does not work for some boxes at the moment. However it should be mentioned that every item in the boxes has the chance to be obtained and always had. It is just a nice-to-have feature.
In another step we will also introduce the indication of the chance to get a particular costume part for MixBoard and BigWheel.

Item Mall

Since these items are no longer featured, Jack's Baked Bean and 3.0x EXP Potion can now be found at the Cosumable tab, category Leveling for the same price.