Patch Notes 05/31/2017 Arcadia Episode 2



Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.5.70, Game Version:


Server Maintenance
2017-05-31, 1030 Server Time
Note: Patch notes are subject to change.




Dragon Saga Arcadia Episode 2 – The Return


New Dungeon Mode – Expert Mode Dungeons
The Expert Mode Dungeons can be entered starting 5 levels above their original entry level.. All party members must have completed the original dungeon hero quest line to be able to enter.



- Max. level difference between party members: 5 levels
- Joining parties inside the dungeon is not possible
- Equipment can't be changed within the dungeon
- Critical Damage above 100% is halved (base Critical Damage is 150%)
- No Element Damage can be dealt
- Monsters do not respawn
- All monsters have to be killed to move on to the next map
- Safety Foam/Rest of Piece can't be used


- Durability decrease is halved
- Eight end rewards
- Elemental Debuff Effects can be triggered (though Element Damage is not dealt)
- Special Expert Mode Dungeon end rewards
- Increased EXP amount


There are new rewards in each Expert Dungeon that can be obtained. The rewards can be sold and have a higher minimum equipment level than the original items and have stronger stats. All items from the normal dungeons are dropped too. Some Expert Mode dungeons have new items for you to farm. A complete list of items will follow later.

The following dungeons have an expert mode:
City Hall Sewers, Underground Graveyard Lv. 30, Underground Graveyard Lv. 35, Verdurous Forest, Akia Cave, Kundara Dungeon, Red Fox Delta, Van Cliff Citadelle and Drakos.


New System for accepting Daily Quests
The quests are still created randomly but can be accepted in an individual order. In the list the quests are sorted regarding their quest target area. The quests still give increasing EXP the more you complete. That system hasn't changed.


New System for obtaining Monster Cards
Monster Cards can now be obtained by doing daily quests similar to Hunter G and Guild Dailies. You get increasing EXP for every quest you do. The amount is half of the EXP you get for the other dailies. After completing 5th and 10th quest you get a token (MC Coin) which can be traded in for monster cards or a monster card box which is cheaper but contains one monster card of the particular tier randomly. The new NPC is currently only available in Port of the Winds but will be added to the other cities in one of the upcoming maintenances. The name of the NPC is Andre and he's a mummy.


New Monster Cards
New Monster Cards for Level 40+ skills have been added for each class.


Arcadia Storyline – The Return
Enjoy 64 new hero quests for the level range 68~78 with a decent amount of EXP. It's up to you to save Arcadia once more.  Explore new horizons and show everyone you're a true hero!


Class Balance
This is the first step of class balance – more will follow.

The final damage amplification of the passive buff Nation Fury has been halved for PvP and PvE. The health amount remain.
In PvP the Roaring Victory Buff has been adjusted to behave similar to the one from the Invoker for the X-Attack expansion (Helix Shot).

In PvP the Roaring Victory Buff has been adjusted to behave similar to the one from the Invoker for the X-Attack expansion (Random Shot).


Element Debuffs
Attacking enemies has a random chance of causing element debuff effects. The chance depends on which element points have been applied and how many. Also it depends on the element defense of the attacked enemy (PvP).

The debuff effects and durations are differently either if a player is attacked or a monster. After an element debuff has been triggered you can not trigger another element debuff for a certain amount of time (cooldown). If you have debuffed a player the player is in a recovery phase of 20 seconds – which means no one can debuff this player again for the next 20 seconds.


PvE debuffs (debuffs monsters can receive) are:
Fire – Stone Paralysis (Petrification) - stops the monster completely for 5 seconds, the monster is not able to attack
Ice – Cold – reduces the Movement Speed of the monster by 80% for 5 seconds
Nature – Entangle Root – stops the monster completely for 5 seconds but it's still able to deal melee attacks
Dark – Black Hole – reduces the monster's HP by 1% each second for 5 seconds

The cooldown time between dealing the possible debuff effects is 30 seconds.
Boss monsters and elite monsters are not affected by PvE debuffs.


PvP debuffs (debuffs players can receive) are:
Fire – I'm on Fire - Attack Speed is decreased by 75% for 7 seconds
Ice – Frozen - Movement Speed is decreased by 75% for 7 seconds
Nature – Biohazard - Drains HP and MP by 3% each second for a duration of 5 seconds
Dark – Sickness - Dealing critical damage is not possible for a duration of 10 seconds

The cooldown time between dealing the possible debuff effects is 50 seconds.


Cooldown and Recovery time are always the same. An element which has set points to has always the chance of dealing a debuff at at least 0.1% but never more than 5.0%.

The debuffs only affect a single target.


Known issues
Due to an incooperative game some stuff is still missing and will be added in the next maintenance:
- NPCs faces for the new NPCs
- 2 Teleport Towers
- A mission map and boss UI image (currently has the Hookah pictures)
- some planned class balance is still missing and will be added
- the dungeon description of Van Cliff states the wrong modes