Patch Notes 06/07/2017


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.5.73, Game Version:
Server Maintenance
2017-06-07, 15:00 Server Time
Note: Patch notes are subject to change.

Welcome to Arcadia Episode 2 Event
Everytime we are not careful because we're working on the next big update the monsters are stealing our letter blocks to play with them. That is making us sad because they aren't there when we want to play with them to relax during our breaks.
We will reward everyone who brings back our letters and put them into the vending machine with some nice stuff to use.

Trade the word POWER and you will get a box which contains a Power of Arcadia Weapon for a random class.
Trade the word SPIRIT and you will get a box which containts a random part of the Spirit of Arcadia costume.
Trade the word HOVER and you will get a box which contains randomly one of our brand new Hover Car mounts either in white, orange or light-blue. The cars are coming with medium stats and event restrictions. An IM version of those cars is planned in the future.
Trade the word TESLER for one part of the new Arcadia's Destiny Set. You can select which part you want. The set is fully restricted. There will be IM versions (BigWheel / MixBoard) with better stats available in the future.
The event is running until June, 21st.
Waifu Event
The Crete balloon now has the increased stats. All other balloons have lost their stats.


·  Elite Boss Harkon should no longer commit suicide

·  Elluman's Crown is now visible when equipped

·  the wrong text that sometimes appears when completing Monster Card Quests that you obtained a hunter capsule has been fixed

·  the Paris' Wings (Red) have been adjusted to have the same stats as the Paris' Wings (Blue) but the DEF and MDEF are swapped

·  the invisible Easter Blossom Portal has been removed in Port of the Winds

·  the mini bosses in the Farrell Dungeon Expert Mode are no longer dropping keys

·  the monsters standing behind the invisible wall in Forest Glade Chaos Mission #6 have been removed

·  Teleport Towers have been added to Snowy Mountain mission entrance and Forest Glade mission entrance

·  the Element Debuffs have been re-implemented to the game


Everything will be removed

Sky Blue Kid Uniform
Detective Set
Drummer Popstar Set (male) 
Fashion Popstar Set (female)

Everything will be removed

Stone Age Shaman (male) [Advanced Tab]
Stone Age Shaman (female) [Advanced Tab]

Blue Tyranno Dinosaur Set [Special Tab]
Royal Highness Set [Special Tab]
Poseidon Set [Deluxe Tab]
Kundara Guardian Set [Deluxe Tab]