Patch Notes 08/30/2017


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.5.97, Game Version:
Server Maintenance
2017-08-30, 12:00 Server Time
Note: Patch notes are subject to change.


Specialist: Flash Bang
The white screen effect of Flash Bang has been removed. Instead the enemy who has been hit by Flash Bang is now stunned for a certain amount of time:
Lv. 1: 1.9s
Lv.2: 2.5s
Lv.3: 2.9s
Lv.4: 3.3s
Lv.5: 4.0s

Please test this change and give feedback.



Monster Card System 
The blend success rate has been increased from 25% to 33%. When using a Card Insurance Scroll the success rate will increase to 50%.


UI Enhancement: "New Quest" Dialog
The "New Quest" Dialog has been enhanced. The "New Quest" Dialog is the dialog that comes up when you have new quests available and you click on the red or yellow exclamation mark above your level indicator.


General changes
- the dialog is a bit wider in size so the name of the quests fit better

Hero Quest List
- nothing has changed to this list


Non-Hero Quest List (the list which contains all other types of quests)
- above the quest name now the quest type (Event, Repeatable, Daily, etc.)  is shown
- a quest type filter has been added to the dialog to hide unwanted quest types




- fixed a bug that Cold Mossy Bone Gunstaff, Cold Mossy Bone Gauntlet, Fiery Cursed Bone Gunstaff and Fiery Cursed Bone Gaunlet were not able to cast skills or X-attack
- fixed a bug Cold Mossy Bone Gunstaff and Fiery Cursed Bone Gunstaff only had 30 durability instead of 120