Patch Notes 08/23/2017


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.5.95, Game Version:
Server Maintenance
2017-08-23, 12:00 Server Time
Note: Patch notes are subject to change.
Grinding Event
Wanna grind again? Kill monsters and collect Mixed Material Boxes. From those boxes you can get materials which can be traded for MyHome furniture at the Vending Machine. The furniture gives buffs and does not expire. It can also be sold in the open market. Want to know more? Have a look at the Vending Machine! This event runs until September, 6th.
Guild UI Fixes 
The known issues with the enhanced Guild UI have been fixed. The button to sort by activity is now sorting correctly and the members are show in the correct color if they are online.
Specialist: Flashbang
The Flashbang skill is now working as intended (which means that the synchronization malfunction has been fixed) and therefore the Stun workaround has been removed. The character hit by Flashbang is now not able to move or attack for 3 seconds (which is the amount of time this skill always had).
Player Appreciation Week
Everyone who gets the WarpPortal newsletter already knows that we will be having a player appreciation week for all games where the bonus for converting to IM points is higher than normal starting on August, 27th. More details about this can be found here:
We are adding more sales! From Monday, August 28th 12:00 Server Time until Monday, September 4th 12:00 Server Time you can get  50% more on selected items:
During this sale event, you will get 15 instead of 10 of the following items:
W-Coins, Enchant Insurance Scrolls, Reinforced Enchant Insurance Scroll, Soulcraft Randomizer, Pet Option Randomizer
Please keep your timezone in mind! The sales are starting at 12:00 Server Time. Since the Server Time is UTC-7 the sales are starting at 19:00 UTC, 21:00 CEST.

Everything will be removed

Servant of the Lord Set
Azure Gala Set
Skater Set (female)
Skater Set (male)


Everything will be removed

High Elf Magic Set [Advanced Tab]
Frankenstein Set [Advanced Tab]

Purple Wizard Set (Humans only!) [Special Tab]
Semi-Formal Night Set [Special Tab]
Classic Attendant Dress (Black)  [Special Tab]

Hephaistos Set  [Deluxe Tab]
Cute Blue Messenger Set (Humans only!)  [Deluxe Tab]
Fantasy Fox Set [Deluxe Tab]