Patch Notes 2/7/2018


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.6.36, Game Version:
Server Maintenance
2018-2-6, 12:00 Server Time
Note: Patch notes are subject to change.





Carnival Season Event

On Thursday, 2/8 the street carnival is starting in many countries and all the jesters are going wild on the streets. This is a reason for us to celebrate the street carnival season this year with an EXP and grind event.



By killing monsters you can get a 'Kamelle* Box' which randomly contains one the following:

1x Choppy Chop – a lollipop (consumable) which is able to immediately restore 1300 HP and MP (blocked for use in BSQ)
1x Caramel Kamelle* - a candy (consumable) which is able to immediately restore 1000 HP (blocked for use in BSQ)
1x Fruit Kamelle* - candy (consumable) which is able to immediately restore 1000 MP
1x Half-eaten Choppy Chop – a half-eaten lollipop of which you can trade 5 for a Carnival Mask Box at the Vending Machine

The consumables are tradable, the half-eaten Choppy Chop and the Kamelle Box itself and the Carnival Mask Box are fully restricted.


Carnival Mask Box
This box randomly contains one of the 11 masks which can be obtained through the Item Mall as [Event] version or one of the new Carnival Mask in four different colors (red, blue, green, yellow). The Carnival Mask is harder to get but comes with better stats. Also the Carnival Mask is soulbound once equipped.



The monsters are dropping the Kamelle Box from Thursday, 2/8 0:00 Server Time until Tuesday, 2/13 23:59 Server Time.

*Kamelle: Kamelle is a word from the German Rhineland region which is an important center of the German Carnival Season. The word Kamelle is a regional synonyme for Candy. The word is usually used during the street carnival season where "costumed" trucks are driving through the streets making a parade and costumed carnival people are throwing these candies from the trucks into the viewers who can catch them. While throwing, the throwers shout "Kamelle".



Emporia War Changes

Penalty Points
With the current update we introduce "Penalty Points" for everyone who heals themselves using skills, items, potions or who is being healed by others after changing the island before they have been attacked by an enemy or have attacked an enemy or the core themselves (Summoner's Summons don't count).

Penalty Points are given depending on how many HP the person changing island had before the healed themselves or got healed. The Penalty Points are given as a reward to the opposing team. Penalty Points are given only once. That means that the healing is actually done and the penalty status is gone afterwards. The penalty status is shown by an indicator on the UI (see screenshot below).

Penalty Points given:
0.01% – 9.99% = 9 Points given to the opposing team
10.00% – 19.99% = 8 Points
20.00% – 39.99% = 7 Points
40.00% – 59.99% = 6 Points
60.00% - 89.99% = 5 Points
90.00% - 94.99% = 4 Points
95.00% - 100.00% = No Penalty



 Penalty Status Indicator




User Interface improvement
The Minimap of Emporia Wars have been improved to show which Island is occupied by at least one person of the particular team (see screenshot below).


Emporia Wars UI improvement


Battlesquare Changes


Points for Flags
The calculation for the points given when a play is carrying flags has been changed. The number of points given is depending on how many flags a player is carrying.

1 Flag = 30 Pts.
2 Flags = 55 Pts.
3 Flags = 75 Pts.
4 Flags = 90 Pts.
5 Flags = 100 Pts.

Every additional flag carried is giving additional 10 Pts.

Flag Carrying Penalty
While a player is carrying one or more flags the following skills are not usable:

Slow Heal (Magician)
Self Heal (Magician)
Wide Heal (Invoker)
HP Restore (Invoker)
Sanctuary (Invoker)
Cure (Invoker)
Atropine (Destroyer)


Healing Potions can still be used.

Class Adjustments


- Mana Shield is now reducing PAtk and MAtk (PvP and PvE)
- Mana Shield's effect is halved (PvP only)


- the Diffusion Cannon's damage reduction has been changed to decrease 17.5% every 250ms instead of 7% every 100ms (PvP only)



- the Helix Shot's damage reduction has been changed to decrease 20% every 200ms instead of 10% every 100ms (PvP only)

- Skill Tree Point adjustments:
Stronger Spell now needs 10 SP each level instead of 15
Summon Mastery now needs 10 SP each level instead of 15
Spike Wave now needs 10 SP each level instead of 15 for the regular 5 Skill Levels
Gather! now needs 10 SP instead of 20
DireMist now needs 15 SP instead of 30
Cry of Life now needs 10 SP each level instead of 15
Advanced Summon Mastery now needs 15 SP each level instead of 20
Attack now needs 10 SP instead of 20
Shot Mastery now needs 10 SP each level instead of 15 for the regular 5 Skill Levels
Elemental Blessing now needs 20 SP each level instead of 25
Impact Unsummon now needs 15 SP instead of 25
Nature Blessing now needs 15 SP each level instead of 20
Hawk Eye now needs 15 SP each level instead of 20


Because of the high impact on Skill Points by these changes every summoner above Lv. 40 can get a free Skill Reset Scroll at NPC Syari at Kazeura Village until February, 14th 12:00 Server Time.

General Updates
- a bug has been fixed that the Destroyers was missing the 30% Attack Speed Bonus in PvP




Everything will be removed 

Khaki Knit Set
Goldenrod Knit Set
Pirate Captain Costume
Ultimate Hero Set


Everything will be removed

Tuxedo Set [Advanced Tab]
Wedding Dress Vail Set [Advanced Tab]

Sweetie Attendant (Pink) Outfit [Special Tab]
Chic Attendant (Red) Outfit [Special Tab]

Zeus Set (Artifact) [Deluxe Tab]
Heartless Sword Bear Costume [Deluxe Tab]
[Best] Ultimate Hero Set [Deluxe Tab]